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Understanding the relationships between data points is the key to data analysis. Gemini Explore helps you connect the dots. It’s easy and intuitive – enabling you to interact with your data in a whole new way. Choose a test drive to try it for yourself.

Insurance Fraud

Involving data from both the Hospital and Sales side. See how we have exposed a fraud ring involving a Salesman called Tim and two Doctors from the same hospital.

Supply Chain Management

A Video Projector Manufacturer discovered that an Australian power cord has mistakenly been assigned to a UK based SKU (7X.UMC66.15U)

Video Game Recommendations

Aaron Lopez enjoys racing games. We  recommended two new games by filtering on the top 10 meta rated racing games. Double-click the ‘Recommended’ Group.

Movie Data

Based on the freely available IMDB database, discover the Directors who liked to have a staring role in their own movies. They are the ones colored orange here.


Within multiple security sources we can identify 5 IP addresses here, labelled as both src_ip & dest_ip. Note also the high access count shown by the thick red lines.

Olympic Games Data

Whilst looking through the Olympic data, a revelation was discovered involving what is traditionally a Winter sport, that was held during the Summer Games of 1920.

Plant Companionship

Pairing plants to grow together for nutritional benefits has revealed many insights. Focusing on planting tomato, we discovered that tomatoes repel asparagus beetles, known to destroy freshly grown asparagus.

Company Founders

We added together contacts from LinkedIn, Crunchbase, and the Forbes Midas List and quickly found suitable contacts able to make a warm introduction to a target Investor. See the contacts connected to Andreeseen Horowitz.

Ecommerce Fraud

When searching filtered out transactions made by Gift Cards, we proved that a person consistently cancelled transactions and then used a Gift Card to re-purchase.  This turned out to be fraudulent activity. Check out Jane’s activity.

Key Benefits to Gemini Explore

Uncover Connections

Using graph techniques to uncover connections in combinations of diverse data at scale

Accelerate Capabilities

Helps organizations respond to change, and accelerate capabilities to anticipate, shift and respond

Find Relationships

Data contextualization enables us to find relationships between people, places, things, etc. across diverse data

Capture Knowledge

To capture business knowledge, making it easier to perform queries and answer questions

Increase Understanding

Increased understanding and collaboration with business users organizing and preparing data

Industries that succeed using Gemini Explore

Health Care


Energy and Utility