People only hear statistics.
But they feel stories

Data is Powerful. But with a Good Story, it’s Unforgettable

Traditional data analytics solutions are static and very tabular, while useful for making charts and graphs and understanding historical trends, they are not useful for comprehending complex data associations, connections and relationships.

Memorable, Persuasive and Engaging Data Stories

Bring ample context and commentary needed to fully appreciate an insight.

Gemini Explore transforms data and analytics by enabling you to easily and intuitively interact with data using contextual storytelling. It’s all about simplifying and making it easier to see, understand, and communicate the complex – so people can learn faster and do their jobs better.

How it Works: Features

No-code Data Onboarding

High-performance ingestion engine so that you can easily identify the right data and using it to generate useful insights

Data Sources Supported

Simply upload your preferred dataset as a file or connect to one or multiple data sources

Wizard Guided Data Mapping

Simply define nodes and edges and immediately preview mapping results without specialized query language or code


Find data of interest

Start your data exploration with keyword search to find data of interest

Visualize context

Easily insert and filter neighboring data entities or relationships such as network node, alert, person, place, and event


Intuitive Interface

Drill-down and interact with data to uncover hidden associations, connections and relationships, without complex query languages or code 

Contextual intelligence

Bring in context to your data of interest by easily viewing data entities such as network node, device, alert, person, place, event and time, all in one place


Storytelling with data

Follow the association, connections and relationship to build narrative by bringing in the context and eliminating the clutter 

Personalize and enrich context

Customize icons, colors and add rich medias such as images, videos, external URL links or additional details to enrich your story


Shared stories

Save and share exploration results as visual stories. Users can add label and notes to enrich each story. 

Enterprise knowledge

Navigate through saved stories. Reuse or add feedback to enrich enterprise knowledge


Simplify or accelerate intensive data preparation and feature selection workflows

Key Benefits to Gemini Explore

Uncover Connections

Using graph techniques to uncover connections in combinations of diverse data at scale

Accelerate Capabilities

Helps organizations respond to change, and accelerate capabilities to anticipate, shift and respond

Find Relationships

Data contextualization enables us to find relationships between people, places, things, etc. across diverse data

Capture Knowledge

To capture business knowledge, making it easier to perform queries and answer questions

Increase Understanding

Increased understanding and collaboration with business users organizing and preparing data

Industries that succeed using Gemini Explore

Health Care


Energy and Utility