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Welcome to autonomous data infrastructure designed for today’s modern enterprises.

Redefining the AI-driven Enterprise

End big data chaos and start your digital transformation journey. Gemini’s Autonomous Data Infrastructure revolutionizes enterprise data analysis by connecting disparate data sets and translating them into knowledge and action. Gemini’s modern architecture is designed for scale and security with optimization for Zero Trust networks across cloud, on-premises or hybrid environments.

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Securely enable Data Availability across enterprise data with AI/ML and Zero Trust Network optimization.

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Unify data from all silos using open standards without data movement.

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Translate data into action and get machine-generated Gemini Stories for key stakeholders.

Trusted Globally

Deliver contextual awareness enterprise-wide

Gemini’s Autonomous Data Infrastructure transforms AI driven analysis by connecting disparate data sets and translating them into knowledge and action to unleash business value across IT and business stakeholders.

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Break through data silos and tribal knowledge

Data trapped in silos is difficult to share and derive insights. Human expertise is limited due fast changing technologies and high data volumes. Use unified queries for all data platforms and explore facts with full context.

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Designed and architected for true hybrid deployments

Gain cross platform support globally across secure public and private cloud environments. Gemini understands that all cloud deployments are not created equal and provides Gemini Cloud Connect Appliance for true hybrid deployments. Eliminate complexities by leveraging both data on-premises or in the cloud and maximize operational efficiencies.

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