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Gemini is used by global enterprises to bring the vision of big data into reality. We automate data platform management and analysis across silos to unlock intelligence.

Trusted Worldwide

We eliminate the complexity of big data repositories and enable companies to gain actionable insights from their data. Gemini accelerates data platform implementation and automates contextual analysis to transform the way you work.

Automate Your Data Infrastructure

Automate the deployment and management of Splunk, Cloudera, Elastic on-prem, in the cloud, or via a turnkey appliance.

Unlock Cross-Functional Insights

Unify your data model across Enterprise IT to leverage AI powered analysis and create contextual stories.

Launch Anywhere, Anytime

Easily deploy your platform to the cloud with our private cloud or hybrid solutions.

Data Platform Deployment in 1 Day or Less

Be up and running in days, not weeks. Eliminate the challenges associated with big data and automate deployment of platforms like Splunk and Hadoop with a few clicks. Optimize server configurations, leverage environment level management, and scale quickly with multi-terabyte support.

Your Data Tells a Story

Our AI-driven analysis provides data trends revealing issues and actions that are easily understood by admins, analysts and business leaders. We transform discrete data sets into meaningful contextual intelligence in the form of narratives, which present incidents, the root cause, and avenues for remediation. Analysts at all levels can access clear data insights -- reducing time to resolution and driving clear analysis into critical lines of business.

Expertise on Demand

We know management of data platforms are complex and expertise is hard to find. Gemini Care offers our customers the best experience with their big data investments. Our experts, combined with our Gemini Enterprise SaaS solution, provide ‘white glove’ management of leading data platforms. This includes quarterly health evaluations, operations support and an available team of Certified Architects that bring years of experience to your team.

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What Customers Are Saying

“The Gemini platform was a critical element of our large-scale Splunk deployment involving hundreds of nodes and over 3TB of daily volume. A unified management framework and powerful automation simplified this greatly, allowing us to be up and running in days instead of weeks."

"Gemini Data provides an all in one solution. It’s a more desirable platform to roll into, allowing us to plug and play - and scale. The features meant a lot to us because we’re still growing as an organization and we don’t have the staff to manage complex infrastructure. We had a deadline set with Splunk, and Gemini Data helped us sail through our deadline with flying colors."

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