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Data Availability for
Digital Transformation

Connected data delivers better results for AI

Enterprises want to use AI as a competitive advantage. Gemini eliminates the complexity of getting there. Unify your data into knowledge and actionable intelligence.

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Converge data from all silos using open standards without data movement

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Enable augmented intelligence across your organization with human and machine knowledge

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Unlock enterprise knowledge to all business stakeholders

Unify data with a modern approach

Gemini Enterprise Architecture Diagram

Eliminate the barriers between data silos to feed AI/ML algorithms. Gemini enables data availability across your enterprise data without legacy approaches, data platform lock-in or complex learning curves. This allows you to deliver AI to the far reaches of your enterprise.

  • Unify data with a modern approach to data virtualization that avoids data movement
  • Automatically connect entities and relationships at scale
  • Leverage and manage your existing data platforms without complexity

Simply put, diverse volumes of connected data deliver better results for AI and ML driven analysis. Gemini’s modern data infrastructure is built for heavy lifting and simplicity.

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