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Demystify your Digital Transformation with Data Availability

Your data is locked in silos. Get access with Gemini.

Take control of your enterprise data. Empower your Business Intelligence and AI driven analytics with data availability and simplified accessibility. Unleash enterprise knowledge and get access to ALL data silos without ETL, complex data integrations or movement.

Gemini delivers data availability by eliminating data silos that act as barriers to digital transformation.

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data silos, lakes and warehouses without ETL, moving or copying data.

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machine and human intelligence to deliver enterprise knowledge.

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the full context of your data to fuel business analysis and data science.

The Challenge

“Anywhere from 70 to 80% of business intelligence initiatives end up failing.”

- Gartner

Without Data Availability your analytics are starved of diverse data. As a result your AI/ML initiatives will fail. Digital transformation initiatives need access to the right data in order to produce actionable insights.

Unfortunately, enterprises face common data availability barriers like hard-to-access data silos, as well as disconnected Unstructured and Structured data. Enterprises need continuous connectivity to data silos to power successful BI initiatives and empower digital transformation within the company.

The Solution

Enable Automated Data Infrastructure for data management and integration
Leverage existing investments without moving or copying data. Get analytics teams the data without specialized IT help.

With Gemini, you can have your data ready for consumption by a host of BI tools already in use within your organization - including Tableau, Power BI or our analytics suite.

Eliminate ETL and Data Preparation with true Data Virtualization
Eliminate common enterprise challenges with:

  • Unified Data Access with SQL
  • Security - Zero Trust Architecture
  • Unstructured and Structured Data Management within a full-stack solution

Empower analysis with Unified Data Access
Use our integrated query free knowledge graph and conduct ANSI SQL queries across any data source. You can even navigate through data relationships and explore them without queries or code.

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