Your Business, Your Data
is now AI-Powered

Gemini Enterprise creates a contextual layer atop your mission critical business data, offering a simple, secure, and trustworthy generative AI experience to accelerate enterprise rapid decision making.


Across industries and around the world,
Gemini Data is bringing the power of generative AI to every organization.

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Connect Your Data to AI Fast

Gemini Explore is a cloud-native, no-code, wizard-driven enterprise platform that helps even “less technical” users get the most out of the power of Generative AI.

Connect to Your Data

Connect to your enterprise data sources including but not limited to sales, finance, products, supply chain, security and many others.

Turn Data into Knowledge

Easily create a semantic layer of understanding atop your data for accuracy, specificity and explainability to minimize hallucination.

Generative AI Agnostic

Apply the latest generative AI model to your business, your data. No machine learning, fine tuning or training required.

Enterprise AI Assistant

Ask the enterprise AI assistant questions about your business or have it generate analyst reports all at your fingertips.

Your Business, Your Data
Is Now AI-Powered
With Gemini Enterprise

Get faster time-to-value, broader adoption, and greater ROI on your generative AI investment with Gemini Enterprise




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Across industries and categories, Gemini Enterprise gives businesses everything they need to
innovate and solve problems with generative AI.

Gemini Explore for Supply Chain Optimization

Improve operations and key metrics

Increase conversions, reduce churn

Eliminate threats, defend infrastructure


Find your next breakthrough

Not all graph technologies are created equal


Modern & Cloud Native

Simply sign up and get started now! There is no code to write and no infrastructure to build or maintain so you can focus on your strengths.

Bring Your Own Graph Database (BYOG) and Connect Data Sources

Connect to various data sources and integrate with your existing graph database investments with ease.


No-Code, Wizard-Driven Data Import & Modeling

No need to work with complex graph databases and queries because there’s no specialized IT or graph query language skills required

Highly Intuitive & Personalized Exploration

Interact with your data with AI-Powered flexible search filters and personalization to enrich your data stories.


Powerful Dashboards & Reporting to Make Informed Decisions

Turn graph data or exploration results into dashboard and reports that fit your analytics and visualization needs.

Collaboration Made Easy

Role-based collaboration gives everyone the ability to share and engage with the data they need to make informed decisions.


It's For Everyone
No Team To Hire

Whether you are in IT or in business, everyone can benefit from Gemini Explore for rapid decision making.

Need Private Cloud?
We’ve Got It for You.

Deploy in your cloud or on-premise with automated deployment and management along with other analytics solutions integration at your choice.


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Understanding the context between your data is the key to enterprise generative AI integration.
Gemini Enterprise redefines how enterprise data is used, understood and shared.
It’s easy and intuitive!
Use the links below to enter a world of discovery.

Insurance Fraud

Involving data from both the Hospital and Sales side. See how we have exposed a fraud ring involving a Salesman called Tim and two Doctors from the same hospital.

Supply Chain Mgmt​

A Video Projector Manufacturer discovered that an Australian power cord has mistakenly been assigned to a UK based SKU (7X.UMC66.15U)

Video Game Recommendations

Aaron Lopez enjoys racing games. We  recommended two new games by filtering on the top 10 meta rated racing games. Double-click the ‘Recommended’ Group.

Movie Data

Based on the freely available IMDB database, discover the Directors who liked to have a staring role in their own movies. They are the ones colored orange here.


Within multiple security sources we can identify 5 IP addresses here, labelled as both src_ip & dest_ip. Note also the high access count shown by the thick red lines.

Olympic Games Data

Whilst looking through the Olympic data, a revelation was discovered involving what is traditionally a Winter sport, that was held during the Summer Games of 1920.

Supply Chain Management

A leading brand of video projectors is monitoring its global supply chain with graph technology. But there’s something odd with the parts coming from Australia.

Insurance Fraud

A mid-size multi-state health insurance company runs fraud detection algorithms and exposes a fraud ring run by doctors and an insurance salesman at one specific clinic.

Cyber Attack Investigation

A security team at a Fortune 500 firm is investigating an attack on their network.  The data set reveals several botnets with malware and attacks clustered among various IP addresses.

E-commerce Fraud

The fraud team at a top e-commerce retailer notices some odd gift card purchases. Here’s how they opened an investigation and started their analysis.

World Health Organization

The global data set shows the World Health Organization the correlation between government spending, water quality, sanitation, and public health.

Startup Founders

A startup founder is looking for contacts to get an introduction to a targeted investor. A graph of LinkedIn, Crunchbase, and Forbes data points the way. 

Movies, Directors, and Genres

A graph of the top directors, their movies, and genres. But which director has succeeded in all of the genres?

Cyber Attack Investigation

A security team at a Fortune 500 firm is investigating an attack on their network. Graphing the data set reveals several botnets with malware and attacks clustered among various IP addresses.

Olympic Games

A graph of data from the past Summer and Winter Olympics reveals which athletes competed in various events and in which city. But why is there an ice hockey event in the middle of summer?

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