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Data Availability as a Service

Empowering Enterprises by delivering Data Availability.

Gemini enables enterprises to seamlessly access and leverage diverse data sets through next-generation data virtualization. So you can spend less time and resources trying to access the data - and more time leveraging it.

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The Challenge

“Anywhere from 70 to 80% of business intelligence initiatives end up failing.”

- Gartner

Without Data Availability your analytics are starved of diverse data. As a result, your Digital Transformation initiatives will fail. These initiatives need access to the right data in order to produce actionable insights.

Unfortunately, enterprises face common data availability barriers like hard-to-access data silos, as well as disconnected unstructured and structured data. Enterprises need continuous connectivity to data silos to power successful BI initiatives and empower digital transformation within the company.

The Solution

Seamless Data Accessibility
Enable unified access across silos using Gemini’s next-generation Data Virtualization technology for fast and accurate analysis. No more ETL - get data directly from its’ source.

Easier Data Management and Integration
Built on a cloud-native architecture to deliver the flexibility and scalability needed to run enterprise-wide analysis.

Vendor Agnostic
Made on Open Standards you can leverage data from previous investments regardless of where it is stored - bypass the need to move and copy data while saying goodbye to vendor lock-in.

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