Demo Intro: E-commerce Fraud

As consumers spend more and more time shopping online, the potential for e-commerce fraud grows. This is why its crucial for online retailers to have a total view of their customers, purchase history, and other associated transactions. Gemini Explore helps teams identify and investigate and identify e-commerce fraud transactions and prepare for future attacks.

In this example, a fraud team at a top e-commerce retailer notices some odd gift card purchases. Transaction data is loaded into Gemini Expore so the analysts can open the investigation and being analysis. The graph of the data shows the connections between customers, the products they purchased, and the time between purchases. A quick query of the graph reveals transactions separated by only four seconds, a sure sign of automated fraud. 

With Gemini Explore for Customer 360, an analyst can see the full picture of e-commerce fraud as it happens. Explore shows the seen and unseen connections in data sets showing clusters, outliers, and patterns to give businesses of all sizes invaluable insights to get answers faster, respond to unusual events, and take the next best action – all at a glance.

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