Investigate Threats, Defend Your Network

Gemini Explore for

Investigate and illustrate attacks for faster analysis and reporting so you can block future attacks, safeguard your data, and secure the business.

Faster Planning, Faster Response

Gemini Explore connects to log files, SIEM, IPS, IDS, anti-malware, and other data sources so the SOC can assemble a complete profile of an incident.

Gemini Explore for Cybersecurity visualizes network security data as a collection of nodes and relationships to enhance real-time detection, improve incident response, and build resilience against the ever-evolving cyber threat landscape. Explore can be implemented throughout a cybersecurity unit from network security analysis, threat intelligence, and scenario planning, and post-incident investigation and forensics. With a focus on ease of use and collaboration, teams can assess risks, detect threats, and respond to incidents more effectively.

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Network Analysis with a Digital Twin

A digital twin of an organization’s IT infrastructure is a transformative asset. By showing all of the connected devices, hardware applications, and associated data, a holistic view of an organization’s network can be used to identify potential vulnerabilities and risks. This deeper understanding can answer questions like:

  • What are the common vulnerabilities and exploits associated with a specific software or hardware component?
  • Which systems or devices in the network are most susceptible to specific types of attacks?
  • What is the potential impact of a security incident on the organization’s critical assets, processes, and functions?

Gemini Explore enables security teams of all sizes to visualize the breadth and depth of their networks for a greater understanding of vulnerabilities and risks, as well as to plan for future changes to the network.

Enhanced Threat Intelligence Through Visualization

The variety, volume, and sophistication of attacks to the network increase every day. Visualizing the connections between different entities, such as IP addresses, domain names, and email addresses can reveal a more comprehensive view of the constantly changing threat landscape. This allows teams  to identify potential threats by understanding the relationships between threat actors, malware families, attack techniques, vulnerabilities, and affected systems. This helps teams understand:

  • How can known attack patterns be detected, mitigated, and prevented in the future?
  • Could different security events or incidents that have occurred in the network be related?
  • What are the trends in the cybersecurity landscape, such as emerging threats, technologies, and regulatory requirements?

Gemini Explore provides a complete toolset for analysts and business users to understand and interpret the constantly changing threat landscape.

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Faster Response and Forensics

Graph data can also assist in incident response and forensics by connecting the dots between security events, indicators of compromise, and affected systems. Organizations can develop targeted and effective response strategies to contain and remediate threats by understanding the relationships between different elements of an incident. This enables security teams to perform root cause analysis and complete analysis to see:

  • What are the potential insider threats within an organization, and how can they be detected and prevented?
  • What is the best way to illustrate and communicate recent incidents to the rest of the organization clearly and concisely?
  • How can the security controls be optimized to enhance the organization’s overall security posture?

A connected approach provides significant advantages to organizations in incident response and forensics by facilitating the identification of insider threats, effective communication of recent incidents, and optimization of security controls to improve overall security posture.

Key Capabilities of Gemini Explore for

Setup in Minutes

Gemini Explore comes cloud-ready with quick provisioning and streamlined setup for data ingest and modeling. Even non-technical users can be up and running within minutes with minimal training.

No-Code for
Accelerated Adoption

Our no-code approach welcomes even non-technical users with an intuitive interface, wizard-guided setup, and personalized visualizations.

All Your Data for
the Full Picture

Gemini Explore connects to all of your organization's data, including log files, SQL, Splunk, JDBC, CSV, and historic data sets to give you a comprehensive view of your infrastructure so you can make better informed decisions.

Shareable Snapshots

With capabilities for sharing views and snapshots, analysts can bring a powerful visual element to each incident resulting in better identification, response, and compliance.

Videos and Resources

Cybersecurity Datasheet

See how you can discover patterns of network behavior and quickly identify the popular method of infiltration used by attackers.

Cyber Attack Investigation

A security team at a Fortune 500 firm is investigating an attack on their network. Graphing the data set reveals several botnets with malware and attacks clustered among various IP addresses.

Demo Library

Browse our full collection of live in-app demos to see Gemini Explore in action.

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