Improve Supply Chain Operations and Key Metrics

Gemini Explore for
Supply Chain Optimization

Build resiliency and improve visibility across your supply chain operation.

Supply Chain Resiliency and Agility

Gemini Explore connects to ERP, OMS, PDM, and other systems and sources of data so supply chain professionals can easily visualize and analyze opportunities to eliminate bottlenecks, streamline operations, and respond as conditions change.

Manage Inventory Risk and Control Cost

Procurement and purchasing teams must constantly assess and manage risk throughout the value chain, while containing cost. Gemini Explore enables supply chain management teams to:

  • Identify bottlenecks quickly and analyze root causes to mitigate sourcing and supply risks.
  • Evaluate multiple scenarios to maintain optimal inventory levels – minimize excess inventory, under-stock, and out-of-stock.
  • Respond to changes in demand signals with agility and manage supply and production based on an accurate and timely understanding of market dynamics.
Shipping containers wiht supply chain items

Improve Operational Sustainability

Operational stability and sustainability are more important than ever as weather, geopolitical events, and unanticipated disruptions have an impact on delivery, pricing, continuity and yield. Gemini Explore gives analysts the ability to:

  • Identify high-risk suppliers that are critical for production as SOs (what are SOs?) change and update.
  • Run multiple what-if scenarios to identify operational risk and make strategic decisions about the health of the overall operation.
  • Ensure ESG commitments stay on track, whether carbon emissions, waste reduction or labor conditions and assess overall impact.

Stabilize (and Scale) Revenue

Materials shortages can have an instant impact on producing and delivering orders and revenue. Gemini Explore can help supply chain managers evaluate the potential impact of various variables on customer orders and revenue by:

  • Visualize customer order data and quickly identify patterns, trends, and overall impact to order commitments.
  • Analyze relationships between data points to identify how schedule updates and other factors would change promise-dates for customers.
  • Optimizing the mix of sales orders by analyzing customer demand patterns and supplier lead times, to fewer disruptions and more revenue.
Worker monitoring goods for supply chain

Video: See it in Action

See how a supply chain manager at a video projector manufacturer uses Gemini Explore and the power of graph technology to estimate and manage inventory across multiple suppliers.

Key Capabilities of Gemini Explore for
Supply Chain Optimization

Setup in Minutes

Gemini Explore comes cloud-ready with quick provisioning and streamlined setup for data ingest and modeling. Even non-technical users can be up and running within minutes with minimal training.

No-Code for
Accelerated Adoption

Our no-code approach welcomes even non-technical users with an intuitive interface, wizard-guided setup, and personalized visualizations.

All Your Data for
the Full Picture

Gemini Explore connects to all of our organization's data including ERP, PDM, MES, CRM - even CSV files and spreadsheets to give you a comprehensive view of the entire ecosystem.

Shareable Snapshots

Collaborate across your supply chain functions, share views and snapshots, and communicate scenarios and priorities across your organization.

Videos and Resources

Supply Chain Mgmt Demo

A Video Projector Manufacturer discovered that an Australian power cord has mistakenly been assigned to a UK based SKU (7X.UMC66.15U)

Supply Chain Mgmt Datasheet

See how managers can quickly differentiate between common and unique parts and SKU variables.

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