Supply Chain Tactical Response

Dynamic supply chains require adaptability and responsive, data-driven digital networks.

Gemini Explore for Supply Chain Optimization visualizes suppliers, manufacturers, and customers as members of a network connected by relationships such as transportation routes and other dependencies. This helps supply chain professionals minimize risk, identify single points of failure or bottlenecks, and develop contingency plans.

In this demo, a supply chain analyst gets an inquiry on a potential issue in Australia, which could be a shipping error, a data error, or an inventory problem. The analyst asks his co-worker to please follow up and analyze what is the problem, and the root cause. They use Gemini Explore to root out the cause or the issue and complete tactical response analysis.

Gemini Explore for Supply Chain Optimization offers a unified, integrated view of data that drives insightful decisions and moves toward a data-led, networked model of supply chain operations – all at a glance.

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