Increase Conversions, Reduce Churn

Gemini Explore for
Customer 360

See all customer data in one unified pane for more strategic sales, marking, and support – while staying vigilant for high-risk activity.

Put the Customer Front and Center

Gemini Explore connects to CRM, sales, marketing, support, and other critical systems so workers can see a full picture of each customer, recommend the next best action, and mitigate risks.

Gemini Explore for Customer 360 shows customer profile information, watchlists, transactional data, and marketing, sales, and support data as a collection of nodes and relationships. This enables teams to better investigate and prevent fraud, reduce churn, and comply with anti-money laundering regulations. Explore connects to CRM, sales, marketing, support, and other critical systems so workers can see a full picture of each customer, recommend the next best action, and mitigate risks.

Less Fraud, Easier Compliance

Optimized fraud identification and resolution processes are more important than ever. Explore shows relationships in your data that might indicate potential bad actors:

  • Identify and investigate deepfakes, chatbots, and stay alert for other evolving trends in fraud.
  • Comply with fraud and anti-money laundering regulations by providing a way to store, analyze, and report on data that is relevant to compliance.
  • Aggregate multiple sources, like transaction records and customer profiles to find anomalies that might be fraudulent activity.
  • Identify relationships between individuals, organizations, and transactions to reveal potential illegal activities.
  • Expose fraud triangles and common elements in claims to find fraud and build predictive models that anticipate future activity or habitual offenders.

Higher Retention, Lower Churn

When customers don’t feel listened to, they leave, resulting in lost sales and opportunities. Gemini Explore gives a true 360-view of each customer:

  • Identify at-risk accounts and take action to bring them back in line.
  • Surface hidden upsell and cross-sell opportunities to increase conversion and revenue. 
  • Increase customer retention by identifying and addressing potential issues early.
Know your customer with Customer 360 from Gemini Explore

Increased Agility

Legacy systems, and ever-changing customer needs mean workers struggle to provide the best possible service. Gemini Explore collates customer data to show a complete profile, all in one pane, so staff can:

  • Collate multiple data sources so managers can see a more complete picture of each customer.
  • Understand customer habits, tastes, and behaviors to detect patterns for more personalized interactions.
  • Creating segments based on customer preferences for a better customer experience.
  • Identifying influential customers to create targeted marketing campaigns.
  • Suggest the next best action for the customer or agent.

Key Capabilities of Gemini Explore for
Customer 360

Setup in Minutes

Gemini Explore comes cloud-ready with quick provisioning and streamlined setup for data ingest and modeling. Even non-technical users can be up and running within minutes with minimal training.

No-Code for
Accelerated Adoption

Our no-code approach welcomes even non-technical users with an intuitive interface, wizard-guided setup, and personalized visualizations.

All Your Data for
the Full Picture

Gemini Explore connects to all of your organization's data including sales, marketing, support, and CRM systems to assemble a unified view of every customer.

Shareable Snapshots

With capabilities for sharing views and snapshots, staff can communicate priorities across sales, marketing, and customer service departments.

Videos and Resources

Insurance Fraud Demo

A mid-size multi-state health insurance company runs fraud detection algorithms and exposes a fraud ring run by doctors and an insurance salesman at one specific clinic.

Customer 360 Datasheet

See how you can discover patterns of customer behavior to reveal the context between multiple data sources.

E-commerce Fraud

The fraud team at a top e-commerce retailer notices some odd gift card purchases. Here’s how they opened an investigation and started their analysis.

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