Easily scale and manage data analysis
All without armies of engineers and IT experts.

Ease of Deployment & Scalability of any Solution is of Utmost Importance

Low TCO and maximum ROI are some of the key benefits that organizations look for before investing in any IT solution due to increasing cost pressures and complexity of managing their existing IT operations and landscape.

Fast Implementation, Streamlined Administration

Gemini Central is an innovative and robust appliance that pre-empts the need to implement tricky and complex hardware specifications, capacity sizing, OS, IP and other configurations. It enables fast implementation, streamlined administration via a web console and easy scale-out for popular data platforms including Splunk and MinIO.

How it Works: Features

Zero Installation

Operating system, utilities, and dependencies are all pre-loaded for running in an All-in-One appliance or cluster with optimized configuration. 

Rapid Provisioning

A setup wizard with only a four-step process launches the Gemini Central and gets it up and running in minutes.


High Performance

Highly customized and optimized operating system for the Gemini Central helps the data platforms like Splunk to work efficiently and creates an ease of use for deployment and management. 

Easy Management

Manage appliance networks, services, and user access with a web-based console, which is easier than general installations on traditional servers.

High Scalability

Role-based cluster deployment can be facilitated with your data volume growth in scale-out fashion. 

Security Hardening

The advanced security controls are applied into a highly integrated system by default by following security guidelines to achieve worry-free operation.


Centralized Administration

All the administrative operations are unified into a single pane of glass to simplify maintenance complexness. 

Situational Awareness

Detects and warns the incomplete settings, insecure configurations and notable situations that may harm the system to unleash the power of Gemini Central and prevent the risks

Log Receiver

Receive, filter, and forward the syslog with the user defined rules maintained by a simple, ease of use rule manager. High throughput and fully integrated with Splunk data ingestion process

Deployment Models

Gemini Central greatly simplifies the deployment process by providing an all-in-one turn-key appliance or a software appliance that can be scaled easily. The deployment can be done in a matter of minutes by using a single or multiple Gemini Central instances in a distributed environment.


Deploy on-prem or in the cloud. Enjoy seamless, unified management, regardless of where your data resides.

Gemini Central is an intelligent solution that grows and evolves to support your infrastructure roadmap every step of the way. It provides a hybrid infrastructure solution that supports both On-Premise and on the cloud deployments. A proven option to maintain simplicity and security with a consistent interface and cluster management capabilities, regardless of where your data resides.

Key Benefits to Gemini Central

Faster Time to Value

Significantly increases the business value that Splunk software offers with quick provisioning and easy management features


Maximize the return on investment (ROI) and lower the total cost of ownership(TCO) with massive time savings and ability to scale easily

Easy to

Gemini Central simplifies Splunk expansion. Enterprises can easily scale a Splunk cluster with pre-defined capacity and configurable roles

Security Hardened

The optimized customized OS settings are designed from the ground up to minimize attack surfaces and vulnerabilities

Simplified Management

A single interface for all platform management removes complexity and reduces configuration errors