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Gemini Explore for
Life Sciences

Accelerate product development and amplify innovation with cutting-edge technology that fuses the power of graph databases with the search for answers to critical biological questions.

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Gemini Explore connects public, proprietary, and private databases so researchers can see connections between data points for rapid iteration and decision-making.

Gemini Explore for Life Sciences visualizes biomedical data as a collection of nodes and relationships. By connecting diverse biomedical data sources, such as clinical trials, lab results, health records, genomic databases, and publications, researchers have a whole new way to find the connections between data points for extracting insights and decision-making.

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Precision Drug Discovery

Accelerating the process of drug discovery and development is more important than ever for organizations that want to survive in an ultra-competititve global marketplace. Gemini Explore provides an easy-to-use unified platform for data analysis and visualization to answer questions like: 

  • How can the structures, properties, and biological activities of existing compounds be used to design new drug candidates?
  • Which genes, proteins, and pathways indicate drug resistance or sensitivity, and can they lead to better therapies or drug combinations?
  • Can existing drugs be repurposed for new indications based on known targets, mechanisms of action, or pharmacological profiles?

By answering these questions, researchers can have a better understanding of the complex factors affecting drug development and discovery, accelerate the identification and optimization of new drug candidates, and inform the design of more effective and safer therapies.

Clinical Trials in Context

Clinical trials can be expensive and time-consuming. Gemini Explore can help answer a wide range of questions about a clinical trial, providing valuable insights for researchers, sponsors, and other stakeholders. These insights can include:

  • Which patients are eligible for a specific clinical trial based on demographics, medical history, and other criteria?
  • What unexpected patterns or correlations suggest subgroups of patients could respond differently to a treatment?
  • How does the trial’s progress compare to projected timelines, and are there bottlenecks or issues that need to be addressed?

Gemini Explore helps to address these challenges, including innovations in trial design, data management, and patient engagement for increased collaboration between researchers, regulators, and industry partners.

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Public Health Policy

Graph data can also be employed by public health organizations to model disease transmission, social networks, and other factors affecting public wellness. This enables researchers to track and predict the spread of diseases and evaluate the effectiveness of interventions. Gemini Explore can model these networks to help public health officials understand:

  • What are the impacts of emerging technologies, such as genomic medicine or telehealth, on population health outcomes?
  • How do the social determinants, such as socioeconomic status, education, and access to healthcare, affect wellness in a large population?
  • How can healthcare systems and policies influence healthcare utilization and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of healthcare delivery?

By answering these questions, graph data can contribute to a better understanding of the complex factors affecting public health and inform the development of targeted, data-driven interventions to improve population health outcomes.

Video: The Future of Personalized Medicine

Gemini Data’s resident data scientist, and bioinformatician Sixing Huang joined the Graphversation series to talk about personalized medicine. See how connecting the dots in diverse data sources can capture the relationships among patients, diseases, treatments, and outcomes and lead the way for better clinical trials, more effective treatments, and healthier outcomes.

Key Capabilities of Gemini Explore for
Life Sciences

Setup in Minutes

Gemini Explore comes cloud-ready with quick provisioning and streamlined setup for data ingest and modeling. Even non-technical users can be up and running within minutes with minimal training.

No-Code for
Accelerated Adoption

Our no-code approach welcomes even non-technical users with an intuitive interface, wizard-guided setup, and personalized visualizations.

All Your Data for
the Full Picture

Gemini Explore connects to public data sources like clinical trials, patents, PubChem, IEEE, news coverage, and FDA databases, and across internal silos to access and organization's unique mix of private and proprietary data and documents.

Shareable Snapshots

With capabilities for sharing views and snapshots, analysts can bring a powerful visual element so researchers can collaborate and communicate their findings.

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Videos and Resources

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