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Gemini Explore for
Life Sciences

Accelerate product development and amplify innovation with cutting-edge technology that fuses the power of graph databases with the search for answers to critical biological questions.

Uncover Your Next Blockbuster

Gemini Explore connects public, proprietary, and private databases so researchers can see connections between data points for rapid iteration and decision-making.

Gemini Explore for Life Sciences presents biomedical data as a collection of nodes and relationships. By connecting diverse biomedical data sources, such as clinical trials, lab results, health records, genomic databases, and publications, researchers have a whole new way to find the connections between data points for extracting insights and decision-making.

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Unlock the Value in Your Data

Researchers struggle under the weight of numerous data sources, libraries, publications, and files – to mention their own organization’s mountains of data. Gemini Explore provides a no-code, easy-to-use, unified platform for data analysis and visualization:

  • Employ a single platform for analysis and visualization so researchers gain insights into complex and diverse data sets like genetics, neuroscience, and drug development.
  • Track patterns and generate hypotheses by visualizing the relationships between different data points.
  • Accelerate drug development by providing a unified view of all related data and information from start to finish.

Faster Pipeline

In a hyper-competitive industry, it is more important than ever to reduce the time from drug discovery to market. Gemini Explore speeds up this process:

  • Analyze large sets of cellular and molecular data to find new drug targets, providing researchers with new areas to focus on.
  • Survey the structure of proteins and other biomolecules so researchers can design drugs that more effectively bind to and inhibit their targets.
  • Create predictive models that can identify which compounds are most likely to be effective drugs, which can help researchers prioritize what compounds to test.
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Share Analysis and Snapshots

With dispersed teams and data in the cloud, it’s critical for teams to be able to share their views and analysis. Explore helps researchers share analysis and snapshots with a powerful visual element, making communication and collaboration more effective:

  • Identify potential drug targets and track associated compounds, and advance understanding of complex sets of relationships and information.
  • Share historical research from past development efforts with quick cross-team communications to help collaborations succeed.
  • Visualize large sets of data to quickly and easily find the information needed during the drug development process. 

Key Capabilities of Gemini Explore for
Life Sciences

Setup in Minutes

Gemini Explore comes cloud-ready with quick provisioning and streamlined setup for data ingest and modeling. Even non-technical users can be up and running within minutes with minimal training.

No-Code for
Accelerated Adoption

Our no-code approach welcomes even non-technical users with an intuitive interface, wizard-guided setup, and personalized visualizations.

All Your Data for
the Full Picture

Gemini Explore connects to public data sources like clinical trials, patents, PubChem, IEEE, news coverage, and FDA databases, and across internal silos to access and organization's unique mix of private and proprietary data and documents.

Shareable Snapshots

With capabilities for sharing views and snapshots, analysts can bring a powerful visual element so researchers can collaborate and communicate their findings.

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Videos and Resources

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Demo Library

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