About Us

The Data Storytelling Company

From the team that built the earliest and most successful disruptive big data platform

Turn Data Into Visual Stories

Data analysis isn’t about graphics and visualizations; it’s all about telling a story

Gemini Data was founded with the mission to help people effectively mold data into stories because all the information that you get in dashboard, spreadsheets, visualizations, etc. give you the idea of ‘what’ is happening rather than ‘why’ something is happening. Gemini’s data storytelling platform enables you to see what you can not see in the lines, rows and columns of spreadsheets or statistical dashboards and reports.

Gemini Enterprise is designed to draw out the associations, connections and relationships in complex datasets so that we all can easily interpret and share them with one another.

Our Vision

Enable our customers to quickly grasp complex data relationships, to increase the pace of human knowledge and advancement with data storytelling

Leadership Team

Michael Baum


Johnny Lin

Co-founder & CEO

Henry Hu


Chris Seybold


Alessandro Salvi

Director of Sales, EMEA

Lou Maiuri

Sales, North America


Gemini Data is a privately held company headquartered in San Francisco, California with global offices in Asia Pacific and Europe. 

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