About Us

Our Mission is to redefine How Data is Used, Analyzed, and Shared

We’ve built the world’s simpliest enterprise AI assistant  platform to help companies all over the world connect the dots and get answers faster, respond to unusual events, and take the next best action.


Generative AI for the Enterprise

AI is powerful but for too long it was too hard to use, so only engineers and data scientists got to use it.

This new world of generative AI has made AI as simple as texting a friend to get instant answers to anything you’d ever want to know. But businesses don’t want an aggregated, averaged, statistically probable answer. 

They don’t want an answer. They want the answer, from their own data. And the path it took to get that answer. That requires data and applications that are optimized for this new world of GenAI.

Gemini Data gives every enterprise the tools it needs to integrate generative AI technologies into its stack immediately.

Leadership Team


Johnny Lin

Co-founder & CEO


Henry Hu



Chris Seybold



Eduardo Cerritos

Principal Engineer


Alex Tswei

Director of Customer Success


Michael Baum

Board Director


Gemini Data is a privately held company headquartered in San Francisco, California.

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