About Us

Make Graph Data Accessible, Usable & Valuable to Everyone

We built the world’s most modern and powerful graph data platform.

Supercharging Data Analytics with a No-Code Graph Data Platform

Gemini Data was founded with a disruptive new vision:

Make graph data accessible, usable, and valuable to everyone so organizations not only get the idea of WHAT is happening but also WHY something is happening.

Gemini Data’s modern graph data platform enables everyone to take full advantage of graph technologies so that you can quickly grasp complex data relationships, to increase the pace of human knowledge and advancement.

Leadership Team

Johnny Lin

Co-founder & CEO

Henry Hu


Chris Seybold


Alessandro Salvi

Director, Global Sales

Eduardo Cerritos​

Principal Engineer

Joshua Hansen

Director of IT Operations

Alex Tswei

Director Of Support Services

Michael Baum

Board Director

Chris Seybold



Gemini Data is a privately held company headquartered in
San Francisco, California with global offices in Asia Pacific and Europe. 

San Francisco | New York | Atlanta | Washington D.C. | London | Zurich | Munich | Taipei