Top Trends Transforming Global Supply Chains

Adaptability is second nature to supply chain experts. The very role requires them to be fluid and responsive to keep business operations smooth. The mantra “Expect the unexpected” might as well be their guiding principle.

Yet, what transpires when these changes come too quickly and remain unpredictable? When “unprecedented” is the new norm? This is the challenging transformation confronting many in the supply chain sector today.

The pandemic profoundly rattled the foundations of global supply chains, propelling digital transitions forward. Companies already equipped with digital resources to oversee their supply chains adjusted faster to pandemic-induced disruptions. Meanwhile, the unprepared struggled to keep pace.

And even as the pandemic’s intensity diminished, the Ukrainian conflict, mounting inflation, and other global tensions perpetuated the volatility in supply chains. The call for businesses now is to be more nimble and proactive than ever.

We’ve talked to supply chain professionals all over the world, and our newest ebook –  6 Trends Transforming Global Supply Chains – outlines what to expect in the supply chain and logistics sector for the next 18 months (and how to survive it).

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