Demo Intro: Supply Chain Management

Navigating today’s dynamic supply chain conditions demands adaptability and responsive, data-led digital supply networks. 

Gemini Explore for Supply Chain Optimization shows suppliers, manufacturers, and customers as members of a network connected by relationships like transportation routes and other dependencies. This helps supply chain professionals minimize risk, identify single points of failure or bottlenecks, and develop contingency plans.

In this demo, an analyst for a leading brand of video projectors is tasked with finding the shared versus unique materials and parts that make up its products. Gemini Explore shows the clusters of a projector’s various parts with its SKU number and the country it is manufactured. This helps the analyst see that an Australian power cord has been incorrectly assigned to a product built for the UK market.

Gemini Explore for Supply Chain Optimization offers a unified, integrated view of data that drives insightful decisions and moves toward a data-led, networked model of supply chain operations – all at a glance.

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