Demo Intro: Cyber Attack Investigation

Today’s cybersecurity landscape is an increasingly complex and sophisticated array of threats. Gemini Explore helps analysts enhance real-time detection, improve incident response, and build resilience.

In this example, a security team at a Fortune 500 firm is investigating an attack on their network. Gemini Explore visualizes network activity and shows the connections in network activity to reveal botnets and malware clustered around various IP addresses.

Visualizing the data set immediately shows several pairs of IP addresses where there are several accesses in the logs between the source and the destination. With these multiple security data sources, we can identify 5 IP addresses here, labeled as both src_ip & dest_ip. Note also that the higher access count between nodes is represented by thicker lines for the relationships.

Gemini Explore for Cybersecurity connects to log files, SIEM, IPS, IDS, anti-malware, and other data sources so the SOC can assemble a complete profile of an incident. This helps teams Investigate and illustrate attacks for faster analysis and reporting to block future attacks, safeguard data, and secure the business.

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