Boost Supply Chain Resilience with Neo4j & Gemini Data

As supply chains move from linear to a decentralized, network model, digital twins are quickly becoming critical tools to optimize and improve resilience. This virtual event reveals how leading manufacturer Ennoconn optimizes its supply chain with a digital twin built with Neo4j and Gemini Data. You’ll learn how to: 

  • Use graph technology to minimize overstock, control cash flow, and survive disruptions 
  • Employ graph to model and manage complex networks, forecast and prepare for interruptions
  • Integrate OpenAI’s GPT-X APIs and generative AI to broaden adoption and ensure users of all skill levels can use the application

Presenters: Joe Fijak (Global Executive Vice President/COO, Ennoconn), Michael Moore (Principal, Partner Solutions  & Technology, Neo4j), and Johnny Lin (CEO, Gemini Data)

Learn more about how Gemini Explore for Supply Chain Optimization can help build resiliency and improve visibility across your supply chain operation.

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