Demo Intro: Agriculture

Gemini Explore provides a powerful way to visualize data and analyze complex relationships and connections between various people, places, and things. 

In this demo, Gemini Explore has imported a list of crops showing farmers what crops complement each other to reduce pests and increase yield. The graph shows connections between specific plants, pests farmers want to guard against, plant type, and taxonomy. Expanding the “Good with Tomatoes” group reveals all the plants that are complementary with a crop of tomatoes. Note especially the indicator that if we wanted to grow and harvest asparagus, a complimentary crop of tomatoes would help naturally repel the asparagus beetle.

Now imagine if this data were a retailer’s supply chain information, an insurance company’s cybersecurity logs, a biotech company’s molecule database, or a bank’s database of suspicious transactions. Imagine how such a rich representation of interconnected entities gives businesses of all sizes invaluable insights to get answers faster, respond to unusual events, and take the next best action – all at a glance. That’s the power of Gemini Explore

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