Demo Intro: NBA Draft 2023

Gemini Explore provides a powerful way to visualize data and analyze complex relationships and connections between various people, places, and things. 

In this demo, Gemini Explore has imported a data set of NBA players. The graph shows the connections between each player, the country they are from, their typical position, and what school and team they are associated with.

With 3 expiring contracts at the point forward and point guard positions, the Detroit Pistons looked to scout for talent for the upcoming NBA draft. They had to decide which players to re-sign and then strategize which position to draft to fill their depth chart. They also have players currently on the roster that are alumni to schools attended by the prospects. These players can act as additional scouts when they visit their previous school. The graph shows them exactly where to start, even including video clips of individual players.

Now imagine if this data were a retailer’s supply chain information, an insurance company’s cybersecurity logs, a biotech company’s molecule database, or a bank’s database of suspicious transactions. Imagine how such a rich representation of interconnected entities gives businesses of all sizes invaluable insights to get answers faster, respond to unusual events, and take the next best action – all at a glance. That’s the power of Gemini Explore.

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