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5 Tips to Turn Data into Actionable Insights

5 Tips to Turn Data into Actionable Insights blank

Our world is awash in data. It comes at us from all directions and from many sources. From the news, social media, analytics platforms, magazines, books, blogs… the list goes on. For the average person, it can be challenging to parse through everything and decide what to pay attention to. And it’s no different for businesses. But, collecting data and making sense of it is critical to businesses and can help stakeholders make smarter decisions.

Effective data visualization strategies for higher education

Effective data visualization strategies for higher education blank

Technology has changed the way we interact with data and information across all areas of our lives. With the 24-hour news and social media cycles, we’re inundated with information that can be overwhelming to digest and understand on our own. Fortunately, we now have our choice of powerful tools to collect, store, present, and understand data. Because data can be so powerful, it’s important that end users understand it, and with data analytics and visualization tools, it can be so much easier to identify trends and patterns. 

Many sectors are moving toward data-driven decision making and leveraging the power of information. Colleges and universities are no exception and there are many strategies they can employ to make sense of their data. Data visualization is one such tool and it’s been found to improve student success, resource allocation, persistence rates, and more. In fact, effective data analytics software and visualization can help improve a school system overall.  

Keep reading to learn more about how data visualization can benefit higher education institutions. 

Best Practices for Great Data Visualization

Best Practices for Great Data Visualization blank

Analytics and machine learning used to be just catchy buzzwords tossed around in the business world, but they have entered the mainstream today. Companies now know how valuable data is, which has magnified the importance of implementing data visualization to better understand their meaning. But, it can be confusing and overwhelming to understand how best to leverage data visualization and many companies do it differently. However, there are a few tips that data visualization pros use that can benefit your business. Keep reading for a few best practices for handling, analyzing, and interpreting bulk quantities of information.

The Role of Data in Keeping the Lights On

The Role of Data in Keeping the Lights On blank

The use of data – and understanding its meaning through analytics – has become essential in most industries. For the telecom industry, data can be an invaluable tool to staying ahead in one of the most competitive industries in the world. Telecom businesses can use data analytics to streamline operations, improve processes, track projects, and fix problems. And it can inform decision-making and strategies by providing valuable insights.

Data is powerful in practically every industry today, but when it comes to telecom, there are a few particular key areas in which it shines.