How to Make Invisible Analytics Seamless

how to make invisible analytics seamless

It’s no secret that data analytics is being used in just about every aspect of modern life and that businesses are using it to inform and shape smarter decision making. Despite this, many organizations have found themselves lagging on using analytics to their fullest, with some reporting that their in-house analytics adoption has stalled around 30%. So how can businesses get decision intelligence into the hands of decision makers and truly leverage analytics to stay competitive? It may seem counterintuitive but the solution could just be to make analytics invisible. Intrigued? Keep reading to learn more about how invisible analytics could increase your business’ use of data. 

Leverage consumer-style analytics 

We may not always be aware of it but we’re swimming in analytics almost every day. Music services like Spotify and Pandora are constantly using algorithms to analyze listeners’ preferences and provide suggestions for new artists, albums, and tracks to enjoy. Navigation systems like Google Maps and Waze analyze traffic patterns and user behavior to suggest shorter routes and warn of accidents or other hazards. These are all examples of invisible analytics experiences, and they’re so seamless that we don’t even realize we’re relying heavily on analytics for day-to-day decisions. This is how businesses should serve up decision intelligence – deliver actionable insights from data seamlessly.  

Empower other applications

As you’ve been reading this article, how many alerts, notifications, buzzes, and pings have gone off on your screen? Just think about all of the apps and software your business is using. From Slack to Teams to Asana, people are bombarded by notifications and to-do’s all day long. You certainly don’t want to add another program in the mix to fight for attention (that will probably get ignored). Instead, build in actionable insights on the platforms teams are already using. Serve up the right piece of decision intelligence to the right person, at the right time and place, guiding them to the best next action. Don’t make anyone open up another app or go hunting for what they need next. Companies would be best served to complement their workforces with actionable decision intelligence and choose analytics platforms that allow for simple, personalized, custom analytics inside any program you’re already using (hint, Gemini has all of that). 

Get technology out of the way 

No one piece of software or technology is a silver bullet to analytics adoption. If it was, we wouldn’t be talking about this. But by infusing workflows and apps with actionable intelligence, teams can focus on the right outcomes instead of finding the right technology. By putting a purpose-driven analytics platform in place, your teams will be able to infuse advanced insights from complex data sources, with AI-driven capabilities, into workflows they’re already using.  


The next wave of data analytics is already here, and it’s imperative that businesses leverage their power to stay competitive. The business world needs to approach in-house analytics adoption the way consumer software companies view customers. Teams need seamless actionable insights in the tools and platforms they’re already using and analytics experiences that mirror consumer ones.  

If you’re wondering how your business can improve its decision intelligence and produce seamless data insights, reach out to Gemini today. Our full stack system can help you solve your biggest data challenges and get to insights faster.

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