How to Leverage Ad Hoc Data Reporting

How to leverage ad hoc data reporting

The growing amount of data that is collected and organized in an organization means that leaders and professionals can make better decisions, but it also means they have to trust the data insights they receive. This is only possible if data is accessible, accurate, and up-to-date. Ad hoc reporting and analysis tools can provide organizations with precisely what they need, when they need it, empowering decision makers to answer critical questions in real-time. 

So what exactly is ad hoc reporting and how can your business leverage it? Keep reading to find out.

What is Ad Hoc Data Reporting?

Ad hoc reporting is data analyses or reports that are curated and created by users, as and when they need it. It’s a one-time approach to reporting and analysis and is typically initiated based on new information or a need to identify data patterns. Ad hoc reporting in decision intelligence is in complete contrast with the managed reports seen in the early days of business analytics, which relied on templates distributed by IT departments. But today, data in business is constantly changing, with new data being created and others becoming obsolete. Ad hoc data reporting tools enable users to create a new report in real-time with just a few clicks. This type of reporting is also called “developer-driven” or “self-service” reporting.

Why Use Ad Hoc Reporting?

With ad hoc reporting, a user can easily pull together any dataset to answer a specific and real-time question. With the right platform, such as the full stack Gemini system, ad hoc reporting removes the time and cost of incorporating new data into insights, allowing far more freedom in asking the critical questions, without the effort trap of relying on existing analysis.

While ad hoc reporting is helpful for responding to specific questions and needs, it also enables users to create insights and patterns from the data. It allows for the identification of trends and patterns of behavior, giving you a better understanding of how things work and where you can make improvements.

How to Generate the Reports

To use ad hoc reporting in your business, start by considering what information or data you need or what questions need answering. Gemini Data can be a reliable tool to create, execute, and deliver ad hoc reports. You can simplify data contextualization, analysis, and report management, and focus on driving insights and creating actionable business value. You can also view your reports in real-time or schedule reports to run at a specific time.

Through the Gemini Data platform, you can customize each ad hoc report to be what you need and easily view and update data rather than starting from scratch.

The Future of Ad Hoc Reporting

The right analytics and decision intelligence platform can help you infuse actionable intelligence, resulting in faster results and deeper discoveries. Daily tasks can also be incorporated into workflows, nontechnical teams can be empowered to answer new questions as they come up, and data teams can go deep to bring back groundbreaking insights. As business data grows, ad hoc reporting will be even more critical to keeping up with it and accessing the correct data quickly. 


Ad hoc reporting and analysis are valuable tools that provide clear, easy-to-read insights that can transform your business and give you the power to make real-time decisions while also providing you with the ability to access information when you need it. 

If your business is looking to leverage the power of ad hoc reporting with the right decision intelligence platform, reach out to Gemini. Business users and data scientists alike can leverage all of Gemini’s products – Explore, Central, and Stream – to easily transform and intuitively interact with their data using contextual storytelling. With Gemini’s system, businesses can derive insightful information from data enabling them to accelerate their decision making process and increase analytics team efficiency, as well as capture new opportunities.

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