How Big Data Analytics Benefits Companies – Part 2

As we discussed in our last blog, big data has transformed the way businesses operate. From healthcare to education to retail and manufacturing, just about every enterprise and organization is leveraging the benefits of big data, particularly to inform data-driven decision making. 

But making sense of big data requires powerful analytics and insights, which can provide many benefits to businesses. In this article, we’ll continue to talk more about the advantages of big data analytics and how it can help your business find more success. 

Know Your Current (and Future) Customers

Big data can provide your business with critical insights into current and potential customers such as geographic location, demographics, and purchasing decisions, to help identify who will best respond to your latest offerings. The information you gather on your consumers, coupled with social media data, can help your business customize content to appeal to a target group, increase conversions, and gain repeat customers.

Through analysis of customer data, you can develop profiles for your ideal customers to better understand your audience and their interests, providing the opportunity for your business to learn more about customer attitudes and behaviors to predict behavior patterns and better target customers. Businesses can also leverage more personalized marketing strategies that are tailored to specific customer needs, pain points, and characteristics, yielding a higher return on investment than other, more general, strategies.

Leverage Complex Supply Chains

For most businesses, the supply chain is critical to keeping things running. The system of organizations, people, activities, information, and resources involved in supplying a product or service to a consumer can be complex and difficult to manage. But with big data, companies can offer supplier networks with greater precision and insights to keep the chain running smoothly. And on the supplier side, the usual constraints can be overcome by applying big data analytics  to use higher levels of contextual intelligence, which is necessary for their success.

Many supply chain executives are leveraging data analytics to disrupt the foundation of supplier networks to include high-level collaboration. This collaboration can allow supply networks to apply new knowledge to existing problems or other scenarios.

Increase Operational Efficiency

Improving processes to keep your business running faster and smoother can be the difference between survival and failure. Finding ways to automate processes, identifying bottlenecks or redundancies, and duplicating what’s working, can lower costs and increase revenues. Big data, and the information gained from them, can offer businesses insights into customer behavior, optimal analysis of industry trends, enhancements in customer service and delivery methods, and much more, leading to better operational efficiency. 

For industries such as manufacturing, an increase in efficient operations, identification of wasteful processes, and fulfillment of objectives at reasonable costs can make all the difference in being successful and beating out the competition. Big data analytics can give businesses real-time, evidence-based insights that take the guesswork out of making smarter decisions. 


Investing in big data provides companies with the unique opportunity of understanding their target audience better and refining their offerings accordingly to become the unique solution to their customers’ problems. By implementing big data analytics, a business can leverage complex supply chains and increase operational efficiencies, thereby securing a competitive advantage, saving money on operations, and acquiring and retaining customers better than before.

Gemini Data provides data management and analytics for businesses, specializing in data availability for AI or machine learning driven analysis and applications. We know how to create a narrative from massive amounts of data, giving you the context and commentary you need to gain critical insights and integrate them into your business strategy. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you!

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