Can Gemini Explore Make You Better at Wordle?

Like the rest of the world, the team at Gemini Data has caught Wordle fever. That got us thinking… could using our product, Gemini Explore, make us better at Wordle?  

The thrill of Wordle is experiencing an a-ha moment (guessing the word!) by understanding relationships between data elements (letters) and understanding the context (possible letter combinations). This is exactly what Explore was built for.

Scanning the keyboard is sort of like viewing data in a table; you can eventually come up with the answer, but the visualization is not optimal for how the human brain works. You scan the keyboard mentally plugging in different letters, one by one. For example, last week while trying to solve Puzzle #222, when I got to my second try, my screen looked like this:


And my keyboard looked like this:


Knowing that the word ends in A_K, the scanning process begins. We know that in the English language there are certain letters are never “1st level neighbors” (e.g. Z+K, or H+K), but we still have to consider them as we go through the keyboard. Once you have uncovered the combinations that will work for that 4th letter (ASK, ARK, ALK, ACK, and ANK), your brain goes back and says OK, anything ending in ASK, ARK, and ANK are out because I’ve eliminated those letters. Then it’s time to consider ALK and ACK, and think about two-letter combinations that would work up front. STALK? Nope – remember, we’ve already eliminated S. But my brain won’t let go of ST since it’s such a common combination, even though I know it can’t be, but still… STACK? No, of course not. TRACK?  No, both T and R have been eliminated. And so on.

Now if we had uploaded a simple CSV file containing all the five letter words in the English language, we could build a model that would return a canvas that looked like this:


With this visualization, I immediately see that there are only two possible answers to this puzzle. There’s still a small element of luck as to choosing the correct answer first, but either way I know I will solve the puzzle in the allotted six steps, and much faster than I would without Explore.  

To be clear, we’re not suggesting you use Explore to help you flex your Wordle skills.  Besides, there’s no bonus points for solving the daily Wordle fast.  At work, however, whether you’re a data scientist, a security analyst, a supply chain manager, or a business user, decreasing time to actionable insights is the name of the game. Gemini Explore was built to do just that.

If your business is looking to break down data barriers and get to real, actionable insights quickly, connect with our graph experts today or check out our Demo Library to see it in action.

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