Neo4j Goes
100% No-Code

with Gemini Explore

Get faster time-to-value and greater return on your Neo4j investment with Gemini Explore

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Building and Deploying a Graph Database Platform is Hard

Gemini Explore ships with the enteprise-grade capabilities Neo4j teams need for accelerated adoption and faster time-to value.


Video: See it in Action

See how easily Gemini Explore can connect to any Neo4j implementation ingesting data from Splunk and CSV data sources, streamlined data modeling, and ready for visualization, analysis, and search.

We are proud to partner with our friends at Neo4j, the world’s leading graph data platform. Together, we have an opportunity to leverage the world’s leading graph technology that’s playing an increasingly pivotal role in enterprise innovation and transformation. With Neo4j and Gemini Explore, companies can rapidly expand the use of powerful graph technology throughout the enterprise to quickly discover unseen business opportunities.

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When We Say No-Code, We Mean No-Code

Graph databases like Neo4j deliver technology that makes complex graph analysis possible, but modeling your graph data requires coding and other technical knowledge. Gemini Explore is a no-code solution that makes powerful graph analysis accessible to anyone.

No Code

No need to write specialized cypher scripts or graph query languages.

No Training

Business users can "do-it-yourself" to connect and turn data into visual context.

Low Cost

No need for an army of developers to work with complex graph databases and queries.

High Speed

Accelerated time to value to offer a user-friendly interface for your business users.

Turn Data Into Graphs - Fast!

Gemini Explore gives Neo4j teams everything they need to start their graph data journey quickly and efficiently. A cloud-native, no-code, wizard-driven environment ensures graph data projects can be setup in minutes instead of months.


BYO Graph Database

Connect to any Neo4j deployment, including Enterprise Edition and AuruaDB, and integrate with ease to maximize your existing investments.


Connect to More Data

Gemini Explore makes it simple to setup, connect, and manage various data sources with built-in connectors and a friendly, guided interface. Support for popular data sources like MySQL, Splunk, SAP Hana, and data parsing for popular formats like CSV, JSON, Microsoft Office, and more.


No-Code and User Friendly

Guided setup of data import and ingestion that’s as simple as point-and-click. Easy data model setup to create the clear, concise data nodes and relationships needed for better understanding.

Interact With Graph Data The Smart Way

Gemini Explore is powerful and intuitive. Easily interact with data using keyword search, custom calculations, conditional display, and personalized data enrichment.


Guided Search

Ask any question with powerful search starting with a simple query and expanding from there. Mix and match queries, conditions, attributes, properties, filters, and ranges to curate how results show up on the canvas.


Flexible Exploration

Gemini Explore gives users all the tools they need to explore their data from every angle like filtering and grouping to expand or narrow down your navigation.


Customized Visualizations

Gemini Explore ships with an advanced visual canvas with a full suite of styles and customizations to make every graph clear and compelling. Includes custom icons, colors, and other elements to match other assets or your brand.

A Graph Data Interface Built for Everybody

Gemini Explore is built from the ground up to enable both technical and business users to take full advantage of Neo4j’s power without needing to understand the underlying algorithms or query languages.


GPT-X Powered Search

Our natural lanugage search powered by OpenAI's GPT-X APIs lets users ask questions about their data in every day, plain language and get answers back in the form of a graph.


Dashboard & Report

Transform graph data exploration into interactive dashboards and reports to speed up decision-making. Show the data behind the analysis for full transparency and detail.



Sharing insights and findings is key to the success of graph at any organization. Gemini Explore gives you the ability to easily share information and insights with role-based access control for private and public permalinks and shareable snapshots.