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As Easy as Texting Your Best Friend

In under a year, ChatGPT, Stable Diffusion, and Google Bard have seen the fastest growth of any app in history. Millions of people use applications every single day to generate everything from business strategy plans to diet and fitness plans.

ChatGPT reduced the complexity of decades of machine learning research and algorithms to the simplest possible interaction: a text chat. This makes it easy for anyone to use generative AI, regardless of their technical expertise.

Now, organizations can bring these advancements in-house and make them available to everyone. Organizations all over the world are asking:

Where do we start in bringing LLM and GenAI to our business processes and workflows?

How can generative AI change the way we do business and give us a competitive edge?

What are the risks of bringing LLMs and other applications inside the organization?

Generative AI is here to stay, and organizations that start bringing it into their stack now are well-positioned to get the most out of these transformative technologies.

The Right Answer, From Your Data

Consumer-facing LLMs generate text by aggregating billions of web pages and text source to assemble the response to a request showing the most statistically probable “right” answer. That is why LLMs are often described as a super-smart autocomplete.

The answer an LLM gives you might be right. At least it sure sounds right. But unless you’re an expert or have one nearby, you can’t know for sure. As long as LLMs are drawing their answers from these general, mainstream datasets, we’ll continue to see these “hallucinations” and watered-down generic answers.

You don’t need an answer that sounds right. You need the right answer. From your own data.

Gemini Explore for GenAI uses a process called retrieval augmented generation to find the connected answers in your datasets and leverage LLM technology to assemble the best answer. It then returns the answer back to the end user in visualized graph format and accompanying plain-language analysis that anyone can understand.

Transparent, Explainable AI

As more users try to use mainstream LLMs in the workplace they come up against another one of the limitations of LLMs- that they are often "black box" systems. This means that it is difficult to understand how it arrived at a particular answer or result. This further erodes confidence in the system.

Gemini Explore for GenAI addresses these limitations by providing a transparent and explainable way to get answers from your data. Explore includes a graph visualization of the data showing the answer and how it is connected to the rest of your data. End users can literally see the full context of the answer, including the data that was used to generate it and the audit trail showing how that answer was derived. Full disclosure gives this analysis further confidence.

Say What You Want, Get What You Asked For

Most people don't want to learn how to write queries or scripts to get answers from their data. Engineers can spend years making business applications more user-friendly. And then end users still end up using spreadsheets. Generative AI technology eliminates the need for this, allowing users to simply type their requests in plain language and receive answers in the same format.

Gemini Explore carries that ease of use forward with a complete no-code solution for analytics and visualization. End users simply speak their requests in plain language. The product then translates these requests into code and query languages and returns the answers in plain language. This is a complete round-trip automated plain language analytics experience.

How It Works

Gemini Explore reveals the connections, patterns, and relationships in your data End users can ask questions and analysis in plain language, and Explore retrieves the relevant data from your organization’s data sets, uses LLMs to perform analysis and generate answers in plain language, and returns an answer back to the user, accompanied with a graph visualization showing the answer in full context, a summary of the answer, and the path to get there.

Generative AI: Transforming the Enterprise Landscape

Large Language Models (LLMs) and generative AI technologies are poised to redefine our business operations across industries. Here's a glance at some of the early applications and workflows:

Drive Innovation

Generative AI tools can facilitate the development of innovative products and services by drawing connections between customer feedback, industry trends, and diverse data sets, leading to solutions that were previously unimaginable

Sales & Marketing

Generative AI can bolster personalized marketing strategies and targeted ad campaigns across the omnichannel. Additionally, it can provide on-the-spot guidance to sales teams during customer interactions.

Finance & Risk Management

By simulating financial scenarios, generative AI can aid in predicting market trends and risks. Financial services and insurance firms can leverage these models to assess credit risk, insurance claims, or stock market patterns, facilitating informed decision-making and reducing risk exposure.

HR & Org Dev

Generative AI can revolutionize HR processes such as resume screening, job description creation, and candidate interviewing. This can expedite the process of filling open positions with the most suitable candidates.

Service & Support

Chatbots are already proving their value by blending LLM technology with a company’s knowledge base and help articles. These technologies can help cut resolution time and ticket volume and provide a better self-serve experience.

Personalized Experiences

Through different phases of the customer journey, these cutting-edge technologies can provide personalized experiences at scale. This can help improve conversion rates across marketing, sales, service, and support, enhancing overall customer satisfaction.


Generative AI can assist in planning and simulating cyber attacks, allowing businesses to assess their resilience against various threats. This facilitates quicker analysis, reporting, and data protection, ensuring the overall security of your business operations.

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