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Gemini Data enables unified access across all your data silos by combining the power of Data Virtualization with the flexibility and scalability of a cloud-native architecture. The goal is to help organizations break down departmental and data silos to maximize data-driven decision making and fuel the analytics that power digital transformation initiatives.


Tony Ayaz

Co-Founder and CEO

Chris Seybold


Chiradip Mandal


Ian Tinney

SVP of Technical Services and Cloud Operations

Bob Fox

VP Solutions and Alliances

Troy Solomon

SVP Global Sales

After decades of experience in the big data space, Gemini's leaders saw a still unsolved and critical Enterprise-wide challenge: Data Availability. After years at organizations like Splunk, Looker, Cisco, AppDynamics, Partners HealthCare, Citi Bank and more, Gemini's leadership clearly saw the data availability problem and worked to develop a full-stack solution.

By leveraging their critical understanding of big data, and the barriers that stand in the way of digital transformation, Gemini's leadership combined a cloud-native architecture and the modern method of data virtualization to enable organizations to empower Business Intelligence and AI-driven analytics.


Our headquarters are located in the bay area near San Francisco California. We also have offices in Washington DC, London, Dubai, and Taipei.