Connect the Dots With a
Simplified No-Code Solution
for Graph Technology

Get greater return on your graph investment with Gemini Explore.

Building & Deploying a Graph Database Platform is Hard

Gemini Explore ships with the enteprise-grade capabilities teams need to encourage adoption and accelerate time-to-value.


De-Cypher Your Graph at Warp Speed

Graph databases deliver technology that makes complex graph analysis possible, but modeling your graph data requires coding and other technical knowledge. Gemini Explore is a no-code solution that makes powerful graph analysis accessible to anyone.

No Code

No need to write specialized cypher scripts or graph query languages.

No Training

Business users can "do-it-yourself" to connect and turn data into visual context.

Low Cost

No need for an army of developers to work with complex graph databases and queries.

High Speed

Accelerated time to value to offer a user-friendly interface for your business users.

Turn Data Into Graphs - Fast!

Bring Your Own
Graph Database

Gemini Explore connects to popular graph platforms like Neo4j, ArangoDB, Amazon Neptune, TigerGraph, and more.


Connect to More Data

Configure data sources with a friendly, guided interface to connect to popular data sources like MySQL, AWS S3, Splunk, SAP Hana, and formats like CSV, JSON, Microsoft Office, and more.

Personalized Visualizations

Go beyond Bloom with a full suite of personalizations and customizations to make every graph clear and compelling.


NLP-Powered Search

Ask questions about your graph in plain English with keyword search enhanced with natural language processing.

Share Snapshots and Collaborate

Easily share insights and snapshots with role-based access control for both private and public permalinks.


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