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Energy and natural gas companies have realized incredible results through the adoption of IoT. By utilizing best practices in smart grid and critical operations technologies, data collection is at an all-time high and will only continue to grow over the coming years. The challenge is being able to analyze and sift through the mountains of data to provide valuable results.

Gemini Data’s Autonomous Data Cloud (ADC) provides a platform to unify enterprise data regardless of how it is collected. Instead of investing in ETL providers to implement costly and time-consuming processes, utility organizations can now get real-time analysis across data platforms with ADC.

In an industry where the customer experience is directly linked to uptime, predicting failure and reducing non-technical loss in transmission can be the difference maker for growing and retaining a customer base. Implementing a data infrastructure that is optimized for scale and utilizing industry-leading AI and machine learning trends will be a key driver of success over the coming years.

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