Using AI to deliver value for Big Data platforms

Security and Operations teams have begun to embrace big data as a way to find operational efficiency, stay compliant and reduce risk. However, maintaining and extracting value from data systems can be arduous. Managing big data is complex. Comprehension of data is difficult. And, once a problem is solved, sharing and organizing team knowledge is nearly impossible. Because of this, companies are faced with increased complexity, analyst burn out, and overall uncertainty around the ROI of big data.
To solve these challenges, organizations need to identify, process, and comprehend critical information to act quickly. Simply put, teams needs to achieve true situational awareness.
The Situational Awareness Platform

Gemini Enterprise provides a solution to remove complexity from big data, quickly apply context to fragmented data, and easily share investigations across your organization.

Automated Big Data Management

Deploying and managing big data platforms is complex, requiring specialized teams and big budgets. Yet, organizations are more reliant on this technology than ever before. From maximizing customer benefits to improving security posture, data is a critical operational keystone of the modern organization.
We simplify and automate the management of today’s leading ‘big data’ platforms with an intelligent, secure solution: The Gemini Appliance. To facilitate a secure journey to the cloud, Gemini Appliance is optimized for on-prem, cloud, or hybrid environments.

Accelerate Human Comprehension with AI

With a rapid explosion of security applications and alerts, analysts are burdened by the tasks of contextualizing, understanding and analyzing numerous incidents daily. Connecting the dots across data sources to identify root cause is time-consuming and requires technical expertise.
Gemini uses the power of machine intelligence and human collaboration to solve security challenges at unprecedented speed. Gemini dramatically simplifies and accelerates investigations. It uses automatic data discovery to analyze events, a native ontology to understand data, and machine reasoning to translate full context.

Seamlessly Create and Share Stories

Analysis can be challenging to scale. Unique skill sets are required across diverse areas of expertise and deep knowledge is often siloed with a few key individuals.
Gemini is built for collaboration. Investigations are shared between analysts in the form of Stories and can contain a rich collection of notes and data augmentations. All activity is tracked and controlled within structured organizational Channels, making work flow tracking and activity audits simple. As Stories accumulate, they represent essential organizational knowledge of frequent use cases and the procedures used to investigate them. This dramatically accelerates time to resolution, maximizes resources, and reduces the costs of investigations.

Using AI to deliver Situational Awareness

To acheive Situational Awareness, Machine Reasoning is critical for your team. Be aware and remove the complexity of your big data with Gemini Enterprise.

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