Intelligent security analysis for the modern enterprise

Advance Data Availability for Security Investigations

With today’s complex environments and sophisticated attacks, automated security solutions are required to scale for faster remediation. Gemini increases data availability and quality across security and application data silos to provide full context for investigations. Gain complete insights into your data through enriched analysis driven by machine learning.

Analyze across silos at scale

Empower security analysts with full context and less complexity. Leverage Gemini Enterprise to get contextual analysis from your data lakes and gain visibility across various data sets and tools. Analysts can have multi-dimensional insight across multiple data types in a single view.

  • Access quality data, on demand.
  • Run unified analysis queries across all data sources without needing to know the specifics of each source.
  • Visualize data from all silos through data exploration dashboards.

Reduce Mean Time to Action

Unify data sources with query-free investigations to understand incidents faster. Gemini enables enterprises to reduce Mean Time to Action (MTTA) with intelligent data summarization that reduces data noise and fatigue.

  • Access point-and-click, query-free investigations.
  • Link events and alerts dynamically to unknown relationships with intelligent aggregation.
  • Leverage automated summarization through machine-generated narratives.

Focus on analysis, not management

A lack of agility and inability for operations to keep pace with change in the business pose challenges for security teams. Gemini provides AI/ML capabilities for fast analysis at scale with an industrialized platform designed to eliminate headaches from technology complexity.

  • Implement intelligent automation with NoOps management.
  • Minimize platform and data management complexities to focus on analysis.
  • Leverage autonomous resource management from all data platforms.

Gain full context, with less complexity

Get more from your data. Learn more about Gemini’s Enterprise Solution for Security.

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