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Leading organizations in the retail industry understand that a truly successful selling model requires world-class execution across all phases of delivery. Even the best products are unsuccessful if they can’t effectively reach the right markets.

Just as the goal in retail is to connect the product with the customer, Gemini’s goal is to connect fully contextualized analysis to the relevant users. Seeing the full picture of enterprise data is the first step, but delivering the most important stories that the data tell is the ultimate goal.

Retail metrics collected across product development, supply chain operations, storefront marketing, sales, and operations can help optimize the right strategy. However, the vital metrics generated across every phase are often collected across numerous disparate systems. This forces data scientists to spend more time joining and cleansing data than solidifying strategy.

With Gemini Data’s Autonomous Data Infrastructure, enterprise data can be normalized and analyzed across silos without time-consuming ETL. Data can remain in its various silos and analysis can utilize the entire enterprise data set through a single query. This allows data scientists and line of business owners alike to analyze the anomalies, bottlenecks, opportunities, and key growth drivers across the entire retail process.

Having the right information with the context to answer the next question augments the intelligence of the user. This leads to more efficient product development, minimized supply chain costs, optimized marketing efforts linked to results, and accurate forecasting across product lines.

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