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Eliminating bottlenecks and increasing efficiency in industrial processes has been a major focus across the industry for decades, but companies often have difficulty implementing the same methodology around enterprise data. Data is locked up in numerous silos, and pertinent analysis is only available through significant searching, copying, and joining across disparate data sets.

Dashboards, reports, and analysis can be built if you know the right questions to ask, but executives’ biggest worry continues to be the unknown. What factors are holding back production? When are new products going to be available to go to market? What mistakes were made across the lifecycle? All of these answers reside within the enterprise data, but searching for them is time and resource intensive.

Gemini Data’s goal is to reverse that mentality and bring the relevant data you. Gemini’s Autonomous Data Infrastructure (ADI) analyzes the data across all of your data silos without copying to data warehouses. It utilizes machine learning to understand user behavior and enables relevant analysis.

Autonomous Data Infrastructure enables organizations to stay ahead of the curve by unifying data across silos to provide single-query analysis. In other words, all of your enterprise data sets can be organized into Gemini’s ADI without the need for ETL.

The volume of data generated by industrial sensors can provide incredible value, but only if an organization has the ability to analyze it in real-time. Gemini’s ADI enables organizations to improve asset utilization and lifecycle management, reduce product development costs and time to market, increase systems efficiency and safety, and enhance products and services based on real-world performance.

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