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The Challenge

Each year billions of dollars are invested in Big Data platforms based on the promise that they will optimize operational intelligence. However, the significant effort and expertise required to stand up and maintain these tools is vastly underlooked. Gemini simplifies the deployment and management of Big Data platforms to enable organizations and elevates the value of these tools through data availability across platforms.

Despite the competitive advantage that IT Operations can provide, they often operate on a shoestring budget and are expected to provide significant results. They are inundated with data and tools that require specific expertise to manage and scale - causing significant strain in hiring and retaining the right talent.

In addition, the lack of in-house expertise results in the need to invest more in platform specific professional services or vendor private clouds. This results in vendor lock in, lack of in-house team development, and significant budget share devoted to optimizing platforms for scale.

The Solution

Gemini Enterprise simplifies the IT landscape by automating the deployment and management of big data tools such as Splunk and then connecting that data across enterprise silos. It also provides an intuitive Investigate module that gives analysts the ability to click through operational data connections and for faster root cause analysis.

Gemini Enterprise elevates the abilities of the IT analyst by simplifying data analysis into SQL, providing click through investigations to resolve tickets, and unifying enterprise knowledge through data availability.

For operations teams that need access to on-demand expertise, Gemini provides a team of Gemini Care experts to help manage deployments, provide remote monitoring, and routine check ins to help take the risk out of your big data investments.


Gemini Enterprise Investigation UI
  • Automated deployment and management of big data platforms such as Splunk
  • Fast root cause analysis utilizing all enterprise data sets with Investigate
  • Build enterprise knowledge and drive awareness across IT Operations

Gemini fills in the gaps where big data fails through automating deployment and scaling as well as providing on-demand expertise. Optimize IT Operations by automating manual tasks and providing a platform.

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