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More than 50 billion devices are expected to be internet enabled by 2020. The Internet of Things (IoT) is expected to become ubiquitous and involved in every aspect of modern life, ranging from wearable devices to sensors monitoring industrial processes. Connected sensor data collection and analysis is a key component of a data driven strategy for just-in-time (JiT) support of logistics for military operations, supply chain partners and environmental controls. Troubleshooting sensor reliability is critical for public safety early warning systems, traffic control, and transportation system reliability.

Decipher IoT Relationships

Increase efficiency by identifying exactly where to look to identify and analyze which IoT events are significant

Know Your IoT Facts

Decrease risk by minimizing reliance on human memory for accurate, consistent, unbiased facts

Understand Hidden Threats

Understand the hidden relationships between seemingly random asset failures and events

Universal Story Creation

Identify relationships between countless structured data types across multiple communication protocols

Health Care

Broken network connections between hospital equipment and patient management software can mean incorrect billing for services. Quickly trace and document inappropriate patient record viewing for HIPAA compliance. Identify potential threats and vulnerabilities to patient privacy and to the security of health care electronic personal health information (ePHI). Add data from your patient care management system to to Gemini Enterprise to support your healthcare IT infrastructure.

Identify Illegal Activity

Support detection of doctor shopping to comply with state opioid laws

Reduce Fraud

Discovery of fraudulent insurance claims

Reduce Employee Theft

Controlled substance supply chain tracking

Understand Compliance Risk

Documentation of risk analysis related to inappropriate access


Government performs a wide ranging mix of activities. Drug testing and research, law enforcement, tax collection, infrastructure management, hospital operation and defense are just some of the data driven activities supported by IT systems. Gemini Enterprise’s robust analysis sharing, AI-based data ontology Knowledge Graph, and efficient data platform management capabilities make it ideal for documenting incident response, keeping big data platform costs under control. Fact-based Analysis creates “lessons learned” that can be shared across the agency. Gemini Enterprise helps you meet NIST requirements and controls.


Identify inappropriate access to personal constituent data


Use relationship information to link together health care data to drive efficiencies


As sensors and sensor data proliferates, see the relationships between weapon performance, munitions supplier data, and the operator and trainer to establish best practices

Law Enforcement

Understand the relationships between people and financial records to “follow-the-money”

Financial Services

Fighting financial crime, preventing and responding to cyber threats and ensuring compliance are all key to customer satisfaction and limiting reputational risk. Standard credit card anti-fraud technologies — such as a deviation from normal purchasing patterns — use discrete data and traditional database queries. This approach is often too slow for today’s fraudsters who use real data to create synthetic accounts to steal from real customers. Gemini Enterprise helps you discover and analyze hidden relationships to understand the cause of system performance issues, compliance and fraudulent activity.


Bring your required FFIEC Suspicious Activity Reports (SARs) to life as knowledge graphs in Gemini Enterprise

Anti-Money Laundering

Supplement major money laundering or terrorist financing investigations with AI-driven relationship analysis

MicroServices Troubleshooting

Gemini Enterprise can track the ever growing numbers of micro services and their relationships in your IT environment

Understand Your Infrastructure

Gemini Enterprise advanced visualization technologies combine AI, data mining, rendering, and interaction technologies

Power and Energy

The point at which office systems touch power and energy control systems is an attack vector that requires constant monitoring and analysis. Transaction tracing of fully meshed smart metering and billing systems reduces billing errors and finds pirated electrical connections. AI-driven analysis can be used to understand critical relationship points that can represent vulnerabilities in the electrical grid. Identifying these points is critical when looking for where cascading failures can start.

Critical Infrastructure Protection (NERC CIP v5)

Section 1.4 calls for investigation for identification of, and after-the-fact investigations of, Cyber Security Incidents

Find Rogue Hosts

Machine reasoning finds hosts not specifically identified through network scans

Detect Billing Errors

Meter malfunctions that can lead to billing and back office system errors

Test Your Defenses

Simulate an attack on a system by identifying the most likely attack path


Quick discovery and diagnosis of IT issues can limit sales losses from eCommerce back-end or front-end performance and outage issues. Backend systems are often exposed to supply chain partners creating an extended attack vector for attackers which must be monitored. Gemini Enterprise can help you understand the relationships in the data, perform problem diagnosis and understand risk. Understanding connections and relationships in your data can also reduce the opportunity for insider theft and fraud.

PCI Compliance

Gemini Enterprise supports Requirements 10 and 12.2

Supply Chain Monitoring

Understand and track API access across partner facing applications

Employee Theft/Fraud

Tracking POS access and merchandise returns data can help you visualize fraud and theft

Employee Theft/Fraud

Linking inventory data to supplier order information and sales data can also help track fraud and theft

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