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The Healthcare Industry is anticipating a $20 trillion spending forecast in digital transformation alone in the next 5 years, much of which is centered on reducing costs while improving care quality and patient outcomes. The unfortunate truth is that a significant portion of this budget will be allocated to large scale, resource consuming big data projects that ineffectively address the business needs and in some cases exacerbate the technology challenges.

The digitalization of claims data, electronic health records, patient-generated health data, and medication adherence data is causing the volume of healthcare data to swell to exabytes. Legacy big data companies are demanding more from healthcare organizations that will only deepen their dependencies without reducing costs.

Gemini Data’s Autonomous Data Infrastructure provides highly secure, democratized data access regardless of the source, integrating data from disparate sources, locations and formats, without replicating the data. This single virtual data layer delivers unified data services while source data remains in its distributed application silos. This architecture results in faster access to all data, more agility to changes in data sources and less data replication and its burgeoning costs.

Gemini Data is challenging the aging paradigm that investing more in legacy providers will yield results. By taking advantage of the AI/ML capabilities within Gemini’s ADI, organizations can obtain a real-time analysis of all of their data without duplication or transformation. This leads to more efficient and expansive use of predictive analytics to benefit cost models and patient care; notably in clinical decision support, population health management, compliance and patient engagement.

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