Use Cases

Don't Just Listen. Start Understanding.

Gemini Enterprise delivers awareness and accelerates analysis across enterprise siloes using contextual intelligence, transforming the way organizations solve problems and share knowledge.

Operational Risk

Gemini Enterprise drives awareness of business risk and impact of IT events and data by automating contextual intelligence across siloes.

  • Clearly understand business risk and impact arising from operational issues involving security, applications, platforms, infrastructure.

  • Challenges involving complex problems that may span different areas such as application management, networking, SLAs, etc. can be time-consuming and difficult to understand.

  • Resolution time is critical when business impact is measured in seconds.

Application Dependency Mapping

Understand dependencies and interoperability between software components and the impact of version upgrades on availability.

Multidimensional Transaction Tracing

Analyze failures by tracing the critical path of transactions across systems, domains and networks to identify root cause.

Customer Satisfaction

Investigate problems in business SLAs and user experience to identify IT, platform problems across a complex transactional environment.

Application Performance

Analyze application issues to identify root cause across servers, software, network.


Minimize knowledge gaps and accelerate complex security investigations by combining human and machine intelligence.

  • SIEMs, log aggregators and specialized platforms generate alerts, but don’t provide enough context for investigating them. Security analysts find it increasingly hard to keep up with the increasing workload and complexity.

  • Shortage of experienced analysts adds to organizational risk, impacts efficiency, and prevents mitigation of security issues.

  • Without clear narratives it can be difficult to relate security problems to business impacts.

Insider Threat

Investigate complex scenarios involving unauthorized access where conventional access control or policies are difficult to apply.

Data Loss Prevention

Identify and understand DLP attempts such as DNS ex-filtration, by tracing events inside and outside the enterprise.

Understand Complex Killchains

Correlate discrete events that could represent Advanced Persistent Threats (APT), analyze activity to identify bad actors and vulnerabilities.

Industrial Controls Security

Analyze end-point controls in an industrial IOT infrastructure.


Analyze end-point controls in an industrial IOT infrastructure.

  • There is no single source of truth where auditors can see activities aligned with processes, perform gap analysis with respect to compliance controls.

  • Regulatory requirements often involve investigation of activities in gray areas to determine violations.

  • Canned reports and dashboards, such as those from log management tools, may meet data collection requirements but are insufficient for governing complex user behavior.

Corporate IT Security

Analyze user activity, controls in line with enterprise policies, encapsulating physical security, system security and user behavior.

HIPAA - Sensitive Data Access

Audit and investigate access to sensitive data or use of insecure means for access, to meet HIPAA in health care.

FISMA – Process Transparency

Audit internal actions and processes for terminated employees.

IOT Compliance

Governance of large-scale IOT devices and high-volume data, to ensure compliance with emerging standards for data security, user privacy, cyber security.


Gemini Enterprise helps improve service delivery, quality and efficiency combining service tickets with intelligence derived across IT, security and business data.

  • Without a unified view of IT assets it is challenging to understand the business implications of IT events and planned changes.

  • Prioritization of IT incidents can be challenging without full historical context.

  • Creating awareness of broader business implications of IT decisions and events can be challenging across business and technical groups.

Service Degradation & Outages

Quick access to contextual intelligence to understand the drivers and downstream implications of service degradation.

Predictive Failure Analysis

Analyze predictive failure indicators with augmented intelligence on infrastructure components.

Asset Discovery

Automate the process of asset tracking and help identify rogue elements or policy violations.

Service Workflow Optimization

Understand the bottlenecks in team efficiency and ticket resolution times.