Use Cases

Don't Just Listen. Start Understanding.

Gemini Enterprise is built to learn relationships across operations, security, and compliance for faster problem solving. Any business or IT stakeholder can understand exactly how enterprise data is connected to solve and analyze problems quickly.

Operational Risk

Operational risk stems from:

  • Information overload from too many dashboards that provide information, but little in the way of real knowledge

  • Lack of holistic visibility across departmental and data silos that together need to be focused on common problems

  • Inability to communicate complex IT issues in simple terms that are easily understood by all stakeholders

Gemini Enterprise uses AI to unlock the power of analysis as a corporate asset that can help you prevent future problems. A formal ontology of elements and relationships create a common language for operations, security, line of business owners and compliance specialists - all housed in an analysis system of record.

Application Dependency Mapping

Isolate each component, its connections, and dependencies without needing to know the application architecture.

Transaction Tracing

Tracing the connections between systems and mapping configuration changes help to pinpoint reasons for issues.

Asset Discovery

Use Machine Reasoning to infer the existence of unknown hosts using data from known hosts.

Application Management

Analyze application issues to identify root cause across servers, software, network.

Microservices Troubleshooting

Communicate IT issues as a services story of containers, resource dependencies, and relationships to line of business owners.


Lengthy analysis times after incident detection means you have little chance against attackers. Some of the reasons for this are:

  • SIEM and log management technologies do not provide context for analysis decision making

  • There are not enough security analysts to keep up with attacks

  • Speed and accuracy suffer due to information overload and biases

Gemini Enterprise uses AI to help you visualize and understand the relationships between elements in your data. Simultaneously analyze multiple analysis pathways and tracks your analysis steps, quickly visualizing how you reached your conclusion.

Insider Threat

SIEMs and UEBA solutions are dependent on known host data. CDA solutions use Machine Reasoning to infer the existence of unknown hosts.

Data Loss Prevention

Fast analysis prevents data loss by performing analysis while the attacker is still operating inside attack (or kill) chain boundaries.

Threat Hunting

More efficiently explore any attack hypothesis or scenario to expose undetected attackers.

Alert Triage

Cut analysis and triage times of critical infrastructure alerts from hours to minutes.

Align Business and Security

Translate security information into business context.


Even as data collection scales, audit expense continues to grow. This happens because:

  • There is no single source of truth where auditors can see activities aligned with processes

  • Companies don’t realize that compliance isn’t solely about collection of massive amounts of data. Auditors want to know that you understand what it means

  • Canned reports and dashboards aren’t proof you are using data to quickly mitigate potential threats to data access, usage and integrity

Gemini makes it easy to perform transaction tracing across disparate parts of the IT infrastructure and understand the relationships in your data. Suspicious activity reports (SARs) can be saved from the Analysis Canvas as live stories and made available for review by auditors.

System of Record

Create, store and replay the story of who, what, when, and where for easy audits of the incident response process.

MiFID 2 (Directive 2014/65/EU)

Supporting transaction tracing and transparency made simple with ability add new data elements and relationships.


Gemini Enterprise can track the movement and views of a contact's personal data from acquisition to storage.


Create live Suspicious Activity Reports (SARs) for use by auditors and for internal training.

New York State Requirements for Financial Services Companies

Gemini Enterprise helps identify internal and external cybersecurity risks that can lead to unauthorized access to nonpublic information.


Line of business owners and IT professionals view the IT environment differently. This is because

  • Communication of service change issues must be communicated to business owners as processes and dependencies

  • Change management and the impact of a change need to modeled prior to implementation

  • The business uses a services language to address business function that is hard for the IT professional to understand

Gemini Enterprise can model business activities as services to identify potential process impacts, support proactive service risk mitigation, and establish clear communication between business executives and IT professionals.

Account Lockouts & Password Resets

Quickly know the difference between a lockout caused by an attacker versus a user.

Link Analysis to Service Requests

Place links to completed analysis in service tickets to understand service requests.

Eliminate Information Gaps

Sharing of analysis documentation in service tickets spreads information across the company for risk avoidance.

Boost Productivity

Incorporating knowledge to address business issues in an analysis language understood by all.

Accurate Service Repairs

Linking analysis to service requests means greater understanding for less repair.