The Gemini Solution

Automate Data Infrastructure and Unlock Intelligence from IT Data

Big Data is a Corporate Standard

Organizations are spending billions on analytic solutions, changing the very nature of IT Operations. Data silos, inadequate staffing, incompleteness of data, and ultimately performance issues with data platforms all contribute to big data failure rate. Without proper and complete data infrastructure automation your data will remain siloed, eliminating the ability for teams to scale and grow your data analysis and machine learning programs. When working with customers, we see these common hurdles to maximizing big data value.

Complex and Costly Platforms

Time spent on deploying and managing platforms during growth reduces platform performance and leaves less time for actual analysis. Without adoption of the cloud or a hybrid solution, costs are unpredictable.

Data is Siloed

Without context and a unified data model, it is difficult for line-of-business owners and executives to extract lessons learned from this data. Teams are left without a global view of their data landscape or how data is related.

Knowledge Is Not Shared

Business teams do not speak in terms of servers, protocols, applications, and networks. Knowledge from successful analysis is only available to highly specialized individuals.

The Gemini Solution

Gemini addresses these challenges head on enabling organizations to simplify deployment and ongoing management of big data platforms, conduct faster analysis using machine reasoning, and easily share information from analysts with all relevant stakeholders - on premises, in the cloud or both.

We call this approach Continuous Data Analysis:

Automate Your Data Platform

Automate the deployment and management of data platforms like Splunk, Hadoop, and Elastic removing the daunting complexity of deploying and scaling data solutions while ensuring performance is maintained. We make it easy to deploy and manage across complex architectures.

AI Accelerated Analysis

Apply AI across your newly unified data model for accelerated analysis across Enterprise IT, reducing IT noise to meaningful stories understood by all. Link datasets from disconnected systems with an intuitive interface, breaking down data silos to achieve meaningful contextual intelligence that accelerates problem solving and incident remediation.

Meet You on Your Data Journey

Delivered on premise or in the cloud, managed or unmanaged, to meet you where you are on your data journey and grow with you. The best part - with Gemini Care, our global team of certified experts are here to help you 24/7.

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