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In the competitive landscape of Financial Services, an insight-driven analysis is paramount to meeting and exceeding customer demands. Data quality and accessibility can provide extreme value if there is a data infrastructure that can scale with the immense and ever-growing needs of the business. However, many organizations are falling behind because of their inability to effectively analyze enterprise data in a timely fashion. This is in large part due to slow and costly ETL systems and processes that are not able to keep pace with the prodigious growth of the data.

Financial data, customer data, market trends, and myriad others are generated across disparate silos. This requires data scientists and business analysts to spend significant time and effort duplicating, importing, joining and normalizing the data prior to analysis.

Gemini’s mission is to challenge the ideology that you have to search for the right analysis. Our goal is to deliver the relevant analysis to you, with context to answer the next questions. This is accomplished through the ability to analyze across all disparate data silos in a single place, and leveraging AI and ML to understand the most relevant insights in an organization based on user behavior.

Gemini Data’s Autonomous Data Infrastructure (ADI) enables financial services organizations to analyze and respond to their data as quickly as it is generated by the source systems. Whether your data resides in legacy systems, open source platforms, or any of the existing big data platforms - ADI delivers simplified, unified data access across these silos without ETL.

Through virtualization, all of your enterprise data can be available and accessible through a single unified query interface. It replaces traditional data integration, reducing the need for replicated data marts, data warehouses and ETL processes. This means that analyzing anomalous transactions, detecting and preventing fraud, or forecasting market trends can happen in near real-time, at lower cost, with more agility.

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