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One of the leading causes of failure at the executive level is the inability to make the right decisions quickly. But often the data required to make educated decisions resides in disparate silos across the organization - requiring complex queries and significant technical expertise to extract value. The modern executive must run the business by the information at their disposal, and the ability to gain actionable intelligence quickly is paramount to success.


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Gemini’s mission is to revolutionize enterprise data analysis by connecting disparate data and translating it into knowledge and action. Gemini brings the data to the executive - allowing them to make effective, educated decisions swiftly.

The Stories feature in Gemini Enterprise adapts to user behavior and provides them with the most pertinent, imperative data in a consumable format. Gemini compiles vital information across all data platforms and presents it with simple, single sentence narratives that allow users to quickly understand the business impact. Executives can quickly answer the next questions because each story is equipped with deep insights and contextual evidence.


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  • Self-service Business Intelligence across tools like Tableau, Splunk, Cognos and many others
  • Full landscape view of all enterprise data without ETL or data movement
  • Accelerate analysis with a single query across all data silos
  • Built on an Open Standards platform to eliminate vendor lock in
  • Turn data into actionable intelligence to make the right decisions quickly

Gemini enables enterprises to be AI Driven by connecting the dots and making data available. Executives are able to confidently make the right decisions backed by real-time data analysis.

Rethink Data, Eliminate Barriers to Knowledge, and Solve Hard Problems.

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