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The Challenge

65% of respondents agree that lack of access to the right data negatively impacts efficiency, productivity, and speed.”

- 451 Research Report on DataOps

Trying to steer an Enterprise in the right direction using big data is no easy feat for DataOps. You’re constantly trying to bridge the gap between data collection and actionable intelligence so teams across the enterprise can make informed business decisions.

However, you know better than anyone that getting the right data in the right hands isn’t as straightforward as it sounds. So much of your team’s time and resources are used up simply trying to access, maintain and update data sources for accurate analysis.

You’re constantly battling the complexity of connecting semi- and unstructured data silos in addition to traditionally structured datastores. This is exacerbated by investments made in Data lakes, Splunk and other proprietary data platforms that require users to learn a new querying language just to access and work on that data source. This inefficient process often ends up consuming more time than the actual data project!

Furthermore, the variety of sources means that data is constantly being copied or moved in order to run analysis. Therefore, there’s no single-source of truth and no way to tell what data is truly up to date and reliable.

You need a solution that doesn’t force you into vendor lock-in while giving you the scalability, flexibility, and ease to quickly empower various enterprise departments with big data insights.

The Solution

Gemini Enterprise addresses the crux of these issues by delivering quick and easy data availability using Data Virtualization.

Gemini’s data virtualization solution adds a layer of abstraction to the organization’s data and knowledge repositories so you can still leverage data from previous investments regardless of where it is stored.

Our new approach to Data Virtualization leverages the power and flexibility of a cloud-native infrastructure so you’re always getting the data from the original data source. No more importing or working on outdated data like other proprietary platforms. Plus, it’s all built with a Zero Trust approach to security so that you can be confident that access is only given to those who need it.

Gemini’s data virtualization solution incorporates state-of-the-art data analysis, modeling integrated development environments (e.g. JupyterHub) as well as machine learning and deep learning libraries (e.g. keras, TensorFlow, python) so easier day-to-day analysis tasks.

Furthermore, this full-stack data virtualization solution enables you to connect the dots to truly apply AI/ML and gain actionable insights. According to data from 451 Research’s, “Voice of the Enterprise AI and ML” survey while only 42% of respondents are using unstructured textual data in ML projects today, more than half plan to in the next few years. Gemini’s full-stack solution gets you access to this unstructured data in a simple and efficient manner.

Plus, you can unlock your organization’s abilities by enabling unified access with ANSI SQL across all your data sets. Or you can even choose which programming language suits you best whether it be Python, Scala, SQL, etc. Waiting on IT for access is a thing of the past with Gemini’s self-service data accessibility solution.

Connect with all your data to empower all departments with full-context actionable insights with Gemini Enterprise.


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  • Unify data with a modern approach to data virtualization to avoid data movement
  • Standard SQL queries across all data silos, lakes, and platforms
  • Easily deploy and manage Splunk, Elastic and native data sources with No Ops IT
  • AI/ML ready platform to leverage open-source AI tools such as TensorFlow
  • Unlock the value of investments in existing data silos and platforms
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