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Data Availability for DataOps

Empower departments with big data.

The Challenge

65% of respondents agree that lack of access to the right data negatively impacts efficiency, productivity, and speed.”

- 451 Research Report on DataOps

Trying to steer an Enterprise in the right direction using big data is no easy feat for DataOps. You’re constantly trying to bridge the information gap across departments by delivering the right data for fast analysis. Really, you’re the foundation for making smart business decisions.

However, you know better than anyone that getting the right data in the right hands isn’t as straightforward as it sounds. Traditionally organizations had to juggle various relational database providers; however, with the uptick of open-sourced based technologies enterprises are now faced with an ever-expanding number of data platforms.

It involves simplifying data access, constantly striving to consistently deliver quality data, provisioning overall performance, and even making cycle times shorter.

Delivering this kind of useful full-context analysis across an entire organization has become incredibly complicated for your role due to an increase in infrastructure management complexities.

The Solution

Gemini Enterprise addresses the crux of these issues by delivering quick and easy data availability using Data Virtualization.

Paired with our cloud-native architecture, you can now have the flexibility and scalability needed to accomplish digital transformation initiatives. Plus, it’s all built with a Zero Trust approach to security so that you can be confident that access is only given to those who need it.

Forget vendor lock-in. Unlock your organization’s abilities by enabling unified access with ANSI SQL across all your data sets. Now departments (executives, analysts, and data scientists) are empowered to drive your organization forward using big data to make the right decisions.

Connect with all your data to deliver full-context actionable insights regardless of the platform with Gemini Enterprise.


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  • Unify data with a modern approach to data virtualization to avoid data movement
  • Standard SQL queries across all data silos, lakes, and platforms
  • Easily deploy and manage Splunk, Elastic and native data sources with No Ops IT
  • AI/ML ready platform to leverage open-source AI tools such as TensorFlow
  • Unlock the value of investments in existing data silos and platforms
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