DataOps Automation

Connect Human and Machine Intelligence

Automating machine intelligence for DataOps provides a clear path forward to create an action-driven organization. This starts with simplifying data availability across all data silos for data operators and streamlining analysis for data consumers. Gemini delivers the DataOps platform for converged data analysis.


Securely enable Data Availability across enterprise data with AI/ML.


Break down barriers to accelerate data insights across all silos without data movement.


Translate data into action and get machine-generated Gemini Stories for key stakeholders.

AI-driven analysis connects the dots faster

Converge data sets and eliminate the need to move your data.

  • Retain the benefits of seamless AI-powered analysis across all enterprise data sets.
  • Unlock intelligent analysis with context and awareness across teams.
  • Gemini Data improves data quality and automates platform management.

Unify your organization’s silos into an automated platform

Data trapped in silos is difficult to share and derive insights. Moreover, managing the number of complex systems in which data resides can be costly and time-consuming. Our converged platform allows queries to run across an organization’s entire volume of data.

  • Optimize for AI and machine learning to provide deeper, more intelligent and context-sensitive data analysis.
  • Maximize enterprise data security.
  • Conduct single queries across multiple data silos.

Learn more about our DataOps solution.

Through autonomous data infrastructure management, Gemini empowers organizations to better utilize their data today so that they’re well-positioned for Digital Transformation.

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