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Data Availability for Data Scientists

Make more time for science.

Make more time for science with Gemini.


Easily access all enterprise data sources and platforms


Enable a unified view across all enterprise data


Quickly build and deploy predictive models

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The Challenge

The challenges of extracting and interpreting value from enterprise data.

  • Finding, cleansing and organizing disparate data is time/resource-intensive
  • Connecting data across silos, joining data and refining training data for ML is incredibly time-intensive
  • The pressure of getting the right answers quickly prevents you from being strategic.

The Solution

The Gemini Data Availability solution for Data Scientists.

  • Get unified access by automatically connecting disparate data silos using Data Virtualization
  • Conduct ANSI SQL queries across all your data
  • Translate structured and unstructured data into a tabular format for rapid analysis
  • Enable a cloud-native architecture for flexibility and scalability
  • Leverage data science tools and AI/ML capabilities through open-source packages such as Tensorflow
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