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Data science is a rapidly growing field whose utilization can provide massive results to an organization. Speed and agility are key to success in data modeling and implementing machine learning methodology. However, a Data Scientist’s job is often limited to data cleansing and attempting to run complex queries to extract the right data across silos. This will not scale - there are not enough experts to run these queries and data models cannot be optimized for AI/ML with disconnected data silos.


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Gemini Enterprise is designed to automate the connection of data across silos and deliver high-value data at scale for fast analysis. It provides an Autonomous Data Infrastructure that delivers a unified architecture to operationalize all enterprise IT data. This translates machine and enterprise data into knowledge for fast actionable intelligence with an open standards platform.

Gemini enables users to access all of their enterprise data with a single query. The unified query engine is based in ANSI SQL so that users do not have to have complex knowledge or certifications to drive analysis.

Instead of attempting complex queries to join data, data scientists can have one operating environment to run all enterprise data that they have amassed over the past decade. This simplifies analysis, management and scale challenges in keeping these systems running.


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  • Leverage AI/ML capabilities through open source tools such as Tensorflow
  • Access all enterprise data without ETL or data movement
  • Connect data across all platforms including Splunk and Elastic
  • Built on an Open Standards platform to eliminate vendor lock in

Gemini revolutionizes enterprise data analysis by connecting disparate data and translating it into knowledge and action.

Rethink Data. Eliminate Barriers to Knowledge. Solve Hard Problems.

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