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Data Availability for Data Scientists

Make more time for science.

The Challenge

80% of a data scientist’s valuable time is spent simply finding, cleansing, and organizing data, leaving only 20% to actually perform analysis.”


As a Data Scientist, you drive the analysis behind groundbreaking decisions that would drive your business forward, right? Unfortunately, that’s not the reality.

Instead, you’re stuck sifting through heaps of disconnected data just trying to get it to all make sense. The janitorial tasks of connecting data across silos, joining data and refining training data for machine learning is incredibly time-intensive. Sure, you know this will not scale, but the pressure of getting the right answers quickly prevents you from being strategic.

What you really need is the space to be curious and explore problems that need solving. You need a solution that enables you to leverage all of your enterprise data for analysis.

The Solution

Gemini Enterprise is designed to be a data scientist’s best friend by providing quick and easy Data Availability. Data scientists get unified access to data by automatically connecting siloed and disparate data without movement using Data Virtualization. No more ETL!

This means you get to spend less time being a janitor and more time being a scientist.

Our unified query engine is based in ANSI SQL so that you don’t have to be an expert in every query language your data infrastructure throws at you. Plus, it translates both structured and unstructured data into a tabular format for rapid analysis.

Best of all, this is all built with a cloud-native architecture that gives you the flexibility and scalability you need to run enterprise-wide analysis.

Take a test drive to see how Gemini takes the friction out of data-driven decision making with our free Data Science trial.


Marketing Architecture Diagram
  • Break data silos to help all lines of business leverage data; access all enterprise data without ETL or data movement
  • Connect data across all platforms including Splunk and Elastic
  • Built on an Open Standards platform to eliminate vendor lock-in
  • Leverage data science tools and AI/ML capabilities through open-source packages such as Tensorflow
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