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The Challenge

The challenges of optimizing data integration to deliver quick and reliable access.

  • The complexity of connecting semi- and unstructured data silos in addition to traditionally structured data stores
  • Previous proprietary investments complicate the matter
  • Trying to access, maintain and update data sources for accurate analysis is time/resource-intensive
  • Data is constantly being copied or moved in order to run an analysis.
  • There’s no single source of truth and no way to tell what data is truly up to date and reliable

The Solution

The Gemini Data Availability solution for Data Engineers.

  • Cloud and platform-agnostic that scales and eliminates vendor lock-in
  • Modern data infrastructure for NoOps management and easier transition to the cloud
  • Next-generation Data Virtualization technology (built on ZeroTrust) for easy SQL queries across all data without movement
  • Query-free graph interactive interface to explore data relationships
  • Leverage existing investments like storage, management, and BI tools without breaking your data infrastructure
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