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In years to come, organizations that do not take advantage of AI and ML will be left on the outside looking in. But, the first step to adopting these techniques is making the data available across silos. Simply moving data from one proprietary platform to another does not solve for true AI driven analysis. Machine learning is about integrating all data types to enable AI and solve hard problems.

Enterprises face massive complexities in making the right data available for executives, analysts and data scientists. Organizations know that analysis can be elevated through AI and machine learning, but the long list of query languages, platform differences, and disparate data silos stands in the way. Gemini eliminates these barriers to enable data availability for the AI driven economy.

“Recent research suggests that the AI market will surpass $100 billion by 2025, and 89 percent of enterprises say their industry is being disrupted by digital technology.”



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Gemini automatically connects the data across silos to deliver high value at scale for fast analysis. All enterprise data can now be accessible through simple SQL querying - eliminating the barriers and allowing analysis to utilize the full context of the data. With Gemini, all of this is possible without moving data or utilizing costly ETL processes.

Data availability opens the floodgates for applying AI/ML by leveraging the power of open source tools such as TensorFlow. This provides augmented intelligence within an organization by utilizing human and machine knowledge most effectively. Analysts and data scientists can utilize through the right data, context and insights for informed actionable intelligence through Gemini Enterprise.


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  • Enable Data Availability for the AI driven economy
  • Single ANSI SQL interface for all enterprise data
  • Apply AI/ML with tools such as TensorFlow
  • Analyze all enterprise data across silos without data movement or ETL

Elevating organizational data analysis through AI is only possible with data availability. Gemini Enterprise provides an intuitive, scalable platform to unify enterprise data for fast analysis.

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