Continuous Data Analysis

Essential to delivering awareness across your enterprise.

What is CDA?

Continuous Data Analysis (CDA) is the next evolution of analysis. CDA builds knowledge and awareness across the enterprise, drives AI powered contextual analysis, and simplifies management of big data platforms.

Why CDA?

Data without context is useless

It is difficult for line-of-business owners and executives to understand lessons learned from analysis.
Analysis reports and raw data lack context. Completed analysis is stored outside of analysis tools making it less likely to be referenced as part of an investigation.
Continuous Data Analysis promotes and facilitates a culture of information sharing with context, not just data sharing, creating knowledge and awareness.

Analysis needs to be faster and easier

Multiple data pivots and searches slow down analysis. Analysts review large amounts of data with little to no context about how they are related.
The same analysis is performed multiple times to document an accurate story and ensure methodology and conclusions are repeatable. Once a problem is solved, translating the solution to line of business owners and management is difficult.
Continuous Data Analysis uses AI to help human analysts work faster and more efficiently.

Data platform management is too complex

Lack of automation for deployment on-going management requires manual steps, creating opportunity for error. Management complexity requires skill sets not usually found on your data analysis team.
Time that should be spent on analysis is often spent on managing data platforms.
Continuous Data Analysis allows the business to focus on solving problems, not deploying and managing big data technology.

What are the benefits of CDA?

One of the biggest reasons investment in big data fails to pay off is because companies don’t leverage the data they already have.
A robust Continuous Data Analysis solution allows organizations to focus on creating enterprise knowledge and awareness, not managing big data platforms or relying on slow, outdated analysis methods.
Easily deploy and manage your big data platforms, conduct faster analysis using machine reasoning, and easily share information from analysis with analysts and line of business owners, creating a system of record. With CDA, extract the most value from your existing data investments.

Use AI to Deliver Continuous Data Analysis

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