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Data Availability for Business Analysts

Full-context analysis for actionable insights.

The Challenge

52% admit that they are not competing on data and analytics..”

- Harvard Business Review

As an Analyst, you’re expected to deliver full-context data-driven insights to drive smart decision making across your entire organization. Oh, and you’re expected to deliver it right away.

Unfortunately, your time is mostly spent simply trying to find, cleanse and access the data rather than leveraging it for insights. You frequently find yourself stuck waiting on IT deliverable and often by the time they come in the data has changed - making the report obsolete.

Furthermore, disconnected data silos make it incredibly painstaking to find and cleanse the data before you can even run an analysis. Trying to connect structured and unstructured data is so complex that it results in disjointed and incomplete reports.

Reports and dashboards are only as strong as the underlying data, but you also know that your organization is relying on incomplete data sets. A chef would never cook a meal without the right ingredients. So why are you attempting to drive world-class analysis without the right data?

It’s time to break through departmental and data silos to drive true analysis and maximize data-driven decision making.

The Solution

We provide Data Availability for the Business Analyst. The result is seamless, unified access across all of your disparate data silos so you can deliver fast and accurate analysis.

Now your reports are based on the full-context of all your data. Previously underutilized data (like unstructured data) can now be brought in and joined with relevant data sets - all through simple ANSI SQL. No more waiting on IT to access the data!

Additionally, this is all built with a cloud-native architecture so whether you’re executing a small ad hoc project or supporting an enterprise-wide initiative, you have the flexibility and scalability needed to provide results.

Take a test drive to see how Gemini makes accurate, efficient and holistic analysis a reality with our free Analyst trial.


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  • Data Availability enables faster analysis across a broader data set, for smarter AI/ML results across the enterprise
  • BYOBI - Leverage your existing BI tools like Tableau, Splunk, Cognos, and many others
  • Analyze real-time and historical data in one environment without data movement
  • Automatically connect the dots across silos with insights
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