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Whether we like the answers it gives us or not - data doesn’t lie. Organizations require extensive analysis to make strategic decisions, the burden of which typically falls on the analyst. An analyst’s role can elevated through the use of AI and machine learning, but often the obstacles to data availability force analysis to be done manually.

The complexity of data structures is increasing with data spread across systems, locations, and applications. Significant portions of an analyst’s time are devoted to sifting through data sets before even starting the analysis stage. Data must be integrated, systems must be learned, and query languages must be mastered in order to truly derive value. On top of it all, once the entangled mess of enterprise data is temporarily unraveled - analysts must be able to remember what they did and tie it to a business outcome.

Analysts are hired to drive the business forward, not to be custodians of enterprise data.


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Gemini Enterprise levels the playing field of data for analysts by eliminating the barriers between silos. Instead of learning multiple query languages to access and integrate data, Gemini allows you to search across all of your enterprise data in simple SQL. Also, data can be accessed directly from all disparate source platforms as if they were a single data repository.

This opens up the floodgates for the ability to utilize AI and ML techniques from open source communities such as TensorFlow. By making data available, analysis can be run at scale and analysts can become rock stars.


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  • Data Availability enables fast analysis leveraging AI/ML across all enterprise data
  • Self-service Business Intelligence across tools like Tableau, Splunk, Cognos and many others
  • Augmented intelligence across the enterprise by effectively utilizing human and machine knowledge
  • Analyze real time and historical data in one environment without data movement

Gemini delivers high value at scale for fast analysis by automatically connecting the dots across silos with insights. Analysts can now drive strategic decision making by accessing all enterprise data in one place and utilizing AI and ML to take analysis to the next level. Find the right data, context, and insights for informed actionable intelligence with Gemini Enterprise.

Rethink Data. Eliminate Barriers to Knowledge. Solve Hard Problems.

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