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The Challenge

The challenges of delivering full-context actionable insights.

  • Disconnected data silos make finding, cleansing and accessing the right data incredibly painstaking process
  • Waiting on IT deliverables results in obsolete reports
  • Trying to connect structured and unstructured data is so complex that it results in disjointed and incomplete reports

The Solution

The Gemini solution makes accurate, efficient and holistic analysis a reality.

  • Analyze real-time and historical data in one environment without data movement
  • Deliver full-context reports that incorporate previously underutilized unstructured data
  • Conduct ANSI SQL queries across all of your disparate data silos with seamless and unified access
  • Enable a cloud-native architecture for flexibility and scalability
  • Leverage your existing BI tools like Tableau, Splunk, Cognos, and many others
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