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The Full Stack Analyst Platform for Situational Awareness

Analysts are drowning in a sea of data with continuous alerts that costs organizations millions daily. What are the analyst challenges faced with big data:

  • Expanding Infrastructure to support big data platforms

  • Data platforms collect massive amounts of data but lack context

  • Technical Resources are limited

Gemini was built by analysts, for analysts and delivers a full stack analyst platform for situational awareness. Gemini’s platform enables analysts to rapidly deploy, manage, and analyze data from leading security solutions. The Gemini platform simplifies the challenges that analysts face.

Gemini’s platform is comprised of two components:

Gemini SBOX Appliance and Gemini Atlas.

Gemini SBOX Appliance

The Gemini SBOX Appliance enables security analysts to operate their own infrastructure without having to rely on outside teams or organizational silos. Our appliance automates the deployment and management of leading big data platforms and simplifies the complexity of infrastructure with a turnkey, NoOps solution. Furthermore, Gemini sbox supports deployment on premises and in a private or public cloud.

With Gemini SBOX Appliance, analysts can set up the right infrastructure to enable faster investigations across leading data platforms.

Gemini Atlas

Gemini Atlas simplifies investigations by allowing analysts to connect the dots across users, systems, and applications in a multi dimensional way. Using machine reasoning, Gemini extracts meaningful information from security platforms then allows users to share findings as stories. As a result, teams can find answers quickly without complex queries, and focus their time on solving problems instead of looking for meaning in dashboards and charts, improving overall operational security.