How it works

Steps to Situational Awareness

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Step 1

Gemini Enterprise deploys big data platforms like Splunk and Hadoop in minutes without subject matter expertise or DevOps. Once deployed, automate workflows for configuration and management of nodes, clusters, and infrastructure health.
Gemini Data's graph-oriented database showing relationships across extended IT environment

Step 2

Gemini Enterprise consumes event-based and contextual data from enterprise data sources such as big data systems, SIEM and log management solutions, applications, and LDAP.
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Step 3

Machine reasoning extracts facts to create a data ontology and understand connections between entities while a graph-oriented database shows relationships between these entities across your extended IT environment.
Gemini Data's organizational knowledge base and system records archive

Step 4

Analysts are presented with an interactive, query free analysis canvas to rapidly navigate through data and conduct fast investigations. AI is used to look for missing relationships and connections that are inferred by the data you have.
Gemini Data's organizational knowledge base and system records archive

Step 5

Analysts build, archive and share stories to centralize and organize findings across specific teams, creating an organizational knowledge base and a system of record.
Flexible Deployment Options


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Purpose-built, optimized, secure. Includes high performance storage, eliminating the need for expensive SAN storage.

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Deploy on prem or in the cloud. Enjoy seamless, unified management across your infrastructure, regardless of where your data resides.

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Engineered to easily scale the deployment and daily operations of today’s leading big data platforms. Use machine reasoning to quickly comprehend data and share investigations.

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