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Focus on analysis, not data infrastructure or platform management.

Gemini Manage reduces data infrastructure complexity. Gemini provides efficiency and scale with an industrialized approach to time-consuming data platform management so you can quickly leverage terabytes of data without guesswork.

Gemini enables DataOps and Data Engineers to provide valuable insights to business stakeholders.

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Simplifying data infrastructure management

Expanding data volumes increases data infrastructure complexity. Automate data platform management across Elastic, Cloudera and Splunk.

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Enabling DataOps with efficiency

Data availability is critical to delivering valuable insights to various stakeholders. Not having to worry about data platform management, DataOps can seamlessly scale data access without headaches.

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Scaling data for faster analysis

Gemini scales out as analysis demands increase. Expand from isolated deployments to large multi-cluster environments with a few clicks.

Break down information silos

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Data initiatives often start in one department and quickly expand to others teams that need access. Yet, it’s often hard to seamlessly transition and scale data silos. Gemini can makes data accessibility easy so everyone can effectively solve problems. Enterprises can see an average of 60% FTE hours saved when scaling TBs of data with Gemini.

  • Seamlessly expand your data initiatives across the organization without disruption
  • Easily scale data platforms to multiple departments
  • Create a unified IT data model that supports all departments in your organization

“We started using Gemini in our SOC and quickly realized we needed to get our WebOps team involved. We relied on the Gemini team to help us scope and implement our plan - from architecting our infrastructure to ensuring our environment could handle high search loads. Now, we’re using Gemini across security and operations.”

- Director Operations, Healthcare

Eliminate Big Data challenges

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Spend less time in deployment and start getting value from your data faster. Machine data analysis is becoming an increasingly critical element of enterprise IT. Organizations have invested in broad implementations of platforms, such as Splunk, Elastic and Cloudera, that serve as data repositories for IT-Ops, Sec-Ops and Compliance applications. The volume and complexity of data, combined with diverse user workloads, can present a challenge for ensuring that the data infrastructure deployed is suited for the workload, and can scale with the organization’s growing needs.

  • Customers see an average of 35-50% faster data infrastructure ROI with Gemini
  • Eliminate the risks with architecture and deployment challenges
  • Mass provision hundreds of nodes in concert ensuring both speed and integrity

Expertise on demand

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We know management of data platforms are complex and expertise is hard to find. Gemini Care offers our customers the best experience with their big data investments. Our experts, combined with our Gemini Enterprise SaaS solution, provide ‘white glove’ management of leading data platforms. This includes quarterly health evaluations, operations support and an available team of Certified Architects that bring years of experience to your team.

  • Reduce costs and risks of operating big data platforms
  • Managed Service options for cloud and On-Prem data platform management
  • Global experts that understand best practices across hundreds of deployments

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