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Gemini Essentials: Manage

Spend more time on analysis and less time worrying about infrastructure complexities.

Gemini Manage reduces data infrastructure complexity. Gemini provides efficiency and scale with an industrialized approach to time-consuming data platform management so you can quickly leverage terabytes of data without guesswork.

Gemini enables DataOps and Data Engineers to provide valuable insights to business stakeholders.


Simplifying data infrastructure management

Gemini scales with your organization. Expand from an isolated deployment to large clustered deployments with just a few clicks. Get teams the data they need most.

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Scale data for faster analysis

Gemini scales with your organization. Expand from an isolated deployment to large clustered deployments with just a few clicks. Get teams the data they need most.


Less IT reliance

Simplified data infrastructure management means teams aren’t solely dependent on IT expertise to access and leverage the right data when they need it.

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The Challenge

Managing an enterprise’s data infrastructure is complex, time-intensive and expensive. Organizations have invested proprietary platforms, such as Splunk, Elastic and Cloudera, that make it difficult to access and leverage the data they store. The volume and complexity of data, combined with diverse user workloads, only compound the problem. All of this presents a serious challenge when ensuring an enterprise’s data infrastructure can handle the workload while scaling with the growing needs of the business.

Simplified Data Infrastructure

Gemini Manage Splunk Clustering UI

Get an out-of-the-box solution that allows you to easily manage platforms such as Splunk and Hadoop. No more waiting on IT to connect to the right data or wasting time detangling infrastructure complexities. Gemini’s data availability solution gives you the flexible and scalable data infrastructure needed to eliminate the risks associated with architecture and deployment challenges. Now you can easily empower diverse teams with the right data.

  • Save an average of 60% FTE hours when scaling TBs of data
  • See an average of 35-50% faster data infrastructure ROI
  • Expand from isolated to large clustered deployments with just a few clicks
  • Mass provision hundreds of nodes in concert ensuring both speed and integrity
  • Create a unified IT data model that supports all departments in your organization

Data Availability for Splunk

Managing proprietary data platforms is complex and expertise is hard to find. Enterprises have made a ton of investment in their existing solutions, such as Splunk, so ‘rip and replace’ is rarely the answer. With Gemini Essentials you can make the most of these investments by allowing prior and existing Splunk instances, or deployments, to all be managed under one Splunk environment. Now you can easily manage existing and new Splunk data infrastructures within your public or private cloud.

Clustered + Non-clustered

  • Allow Splunk individual instances to be added into an existing Environment
  • Allow unassigned nodes to be assigned as standalone nodes when creating an Environment

Create New + Adoption

  • Allow existing Splunk clusters adoption
  • Allow existing Splunk individual instances adoption
  • Adopt Splunk running with Manage Agent adoption

Gemini Enterprise

Essentials Standard Professional
Subscription Subscription Subscription
Bring Your Own Infrastructure Zero-Copy Data Virtualization Zero-Copy Data Virtualization
Single Data Platform Multi-Platform Multi-Platform
Start with 5 Managed Nodes Data Exploration Data Exploration & Investigation
Centralized Management Zero Trust Security Zero Trust Security
Centralized Management Centralized Management
5 Managed Nodes + 5 Users 5 Managed Nodes + 10 Users
Connect to Consuming Applications eg. Tableau Connect to Consuming Applications eg. Tableau
Data Pipeline Ingestion & Caching

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