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Powerful Data Automation and Analysis. Where You Need It, When You Need It.

Automate your data infrastructure at scale with our full stack solution. Eliminate silos and apply AI for accelerated analysis across IT Operations, Security, and Compliance, reducing noise to meaningful stories understood by all. Gemini Care, expertise on demand, provides unparalleled guidance to ensure success.

Eliminate Data Complexity

Expanding data volumes increases infrastructure and management complexity. Automating data infrastructure, regardless of what platform you use, provides speed, efficiency, and cost reduction for your data and analysis use cases. Reduce deployment time to just a few hours and automate time consuming, ongoing platform management so you can quickly leverage petabytes of data without taking your system down.

  • Single Click Deployment

    Deploy Splunk, Hadoop and Elastic using intelligent server profiles

  • Environment Level Management

    Organize nodes and clusters based on application specific rules

  • Network Level Clustering and Failover

    Provides fault-tolerance beyond application level redundancy and resiliency

  • Streamlined Software Updates

    Deploy cluster-wide targeted deployments of new versions from centralized software repository servers

  • Supports Hybrid

    Launch across on-premises, cloud, or turnkey appliances provides elasticity, supports hybrid strategies, and improves resiliency

  • External Storage Support

    Leverage a variety of storage options, from Scale-Up NAS to S3 buckets

Unlock Security and Operational Insight

Easily connect data silos to create a unified data model. Once all data sources are connected, use AI for cognitive IT Operations. Remove redundant steps from the analysis process, expose and track hidden relationships in your data, and suggest analysis paths. Determine root causes in record time.

  • Intuitive UI Across Platforms

    Take the next step in your investigation with the interactive analysis GUI

  • Connected Data Enables Context

    Integrate all your data sources for in-context data correlation

  • Pivot No More

    Eliminate big data search and pivot steps from the analysis process

  • Investigation Snapshots

    Target any timeframe for investigation using histograms

  • Retrace Your Steps

    Collaborate and understand analysis trajectories with built-in analysis history

Share Your Data Story Intelligence

View investigation trends through organized stories, revealing issues and actions that are easily understood by admins, analysts, and business leaders. Analysis sharing across communication channels draws together all parts of the organization for faster, accurate response and prevention.

  • Visual Storytime for Grownups

    Create a visual reconstruction of any investigation

  • Analysis Everyone Can Understand

    Share saved analysis as a story with other analysts or business leaders

  • Get Past the Geek Speak

    Establish clear communication between analysts and line of business owners

  • All In One Place

    Track story owner, creation date, channel and number of comments

  • See the Bigger Picture

    Search and see all stories containing common data elements

Designed to Integrate with Your Leading Platforms

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Choose From Flexible Deployment Models

From on-premise to cloud and hybrid deployments, we’ve got you covered. Choose the deployment model that is right for you and your team.

Gemini Cloud

A worry-free, secure private-cloud hosted solution with AWS Support and no management effort

Gemini Appliance

Purpose built hardware appliances with Gemini Enterprise built-in and optimized for your needs

Your Infrastructure

Deploy on infrastructure of your choice with complete control over platform and costs

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Built with Security in Mind

Security is ingrained in our culture, and in our products. Our full stack solution is optimized for security and eliminates unnecessary services. To learn more about our security practices, contact us.

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