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Data Availability as a Service.

Enabling Enterprise-Driven Knowledge

Deliver a flexible and scalable data infrastructure that provides unified access across all your data sources without movement. Now you can empower stakeholders with actionable insights and drive successful digital transformation initiatives with Gemini Enterprise.

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all your data without movement

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data silos and relationships

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Why Gemini Enterprise?

With our data availability solution enterprises can empower stakeholders with simple and quick access to the right data to leverage as a competitive advantage.


Faster and More Secure Access to any data source without data movement


Inclusive Analysis of both unstructured and structured data


Unified View of data across silos with ANSI SQL


Less Dependence on IT expertise to access and leverage the right data

Cloud-native Data Infrastructure

Gemini Enterprise Investigation UI
  • Autonomous data infrastructure to accelerate your cloud journey
  • An agnostic solution to eliminate vendor lock-in challenges
  • Leverage existing investments (Exs: storage, management, and BI tools)
  • NoOps management across public/private clouds, or hybrid models
  • Connect to any source that has an API or JDBC/ODBC connector

Unified Data Access for a Single Source of Truth

Gemini Enterprise Investigation UI
  • Empower analysis with unified data access across all data sources/platforms
  • Investigate data relationships without queries or code using our intuitive query-free graph
  • Explore all data sources with easy ANSI SQL queries across diverse data sources (Exs: Elastic, HBase, Splunk, RDBMSs and CSVs)
  • Use our visualization tool or easily feed your BI tools of choice, such as Tableau or Power BI

Next-generation Data Virtualization

Gemini Enterprise Investigation UI
  • Enable unified access across disparate data silos without data movement
  • Conduct ANSI SQL queries across all data sources
  • Establish Stable Security with our Data Virtualization technology built on ZeroTrust

Gemini Enterprise

Essentials Standard Professional
Subscription Subscription Subscription
Bring Your Own Infrastructure Zero-Copy Data Virtualization Zero-Copy Data Virtualization
Single Data Platform Multi-Platform Multi-Platform
Start with 5 Managed Nodes Data Exploration Data Exploration & Investigation
Centralized Management Zero Trust Security Zero Trust Security
Centralized Management Centralized Management
5 Managed Nodes + 5 Users 5 Managed Nodes + 10 Users
Connect to Consuming Applications eg. Tableau Connect to Consuming Applications eg. Tableau
Data Pipeline Ingestion & Caching

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