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Data Availability as a Service.

Powered by ZeroCopy Data Virtualization

Query across data silos in a single, simple syntax without ETL or data movement. Leverage ANSI SQL to access data lakes and stores such as CSV, RDBMS, HBase, Splunk, and Elastic from a single-point of query. Data is made available in either graph or tabular format so that it’s ready for further analysis and ML applications. Extend data availability to your BI tool of choice.

Where Gemini Enterprise Fits

Gemini delivers unified data access to your line of business owners. With our full-stack solution you can enable your enterprise to move forward and accelerate digital transformation.

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Autonomous Data Infrastructure for data management and integration

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Gemini’s Autonomous Data Infrastructure (ADI) info simplifies data management and integration by delivering unified data access through data virtualization.

Eliminate the need for ETL with ZeroCopy Data Virtualization. Gemini’s data virtualization methodology, ZeroCopy Data Virtualization, means that your ANSI SQL queries are translated and distributed to the underlying data platforms, and deliver a single consolidated result. No more need for painful extract-transform-load processes, moving data from one location to another risking inconsistencies, or operating from stale or incomplete datasets. Now you can leverage your existing investments by accessing the data where it lives!

ZeroCopy works behind the scenes with configured data sources and is completely transparent to the end user. The result? No more need for specialized IT involvement just to get analytics teams the data.

NoOps platform management

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Gemini reduces data infrastructure complexity for DataOps and Data Engineering teams, while ADI’s cloud-native architecture enables automated data management and a Zero Trust Security Architecture. We provide efficiency and scale with an industrialized approach to time-consuming data platform management so you can quickly leverage terabytes of data without guesswork.

ADI allows your hosted Splunk and Elastic platforms (as well as Gemini Enterprise applications) to be more robust, scalable and automated microservices architecture. Gemini scales out as analytics demands increase - expand from isolated deployments to large multi-cluster environments with ease.

Empower analysis with unified data access

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Gemini simplifies data access by providing both query-free graph and interactive query interfaces. You can explore context and relationships among data elements without the need for any query language, or compose ANSI SQL queries across to search across diverse data sources including platforms like Elastic; HBase; Splunk; RDBMSs and CSVs.

Armed with simple accessibility and intelligence without complexity, analysts can:

  • Connect relationships and entities through the intuitive interface
  • Navigate and explore data relationships without queries or code
  • Use our visualization tool or easily feed your BI tools of choice, such as Tableau or Power BI
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