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Gemini unifies and connects all enterprise data for actionable intelligence.

Action-driven analysis

Gemini Enterprise Stories UI

Curated insights are now delivered with enough context to answer the next question. Your teams can spend less time interpreting data and more time making informed business decisions. Easily consume data-driven narratives at a glance, focused on business impact.

  • Build enterprise knowledge and drive awareness across executives, analysts, and data scientists
  • Quickly understand business impact with single sentence narratives
  • Standardize data analysis across all of your silos without data platform lock in

Intuitive investigations

Gemini Enterprise Investigation UI

See all your enterprise data at scale. The intuitive knowledge graph allows you to navigate through the relationships of your data without queries or code.

  • Automatically connect relationships in your data and visualize in an intuitive knowledge graph.
  • Perform root-cause analysis in record time across enterprise IT data
  • Turn fragmented data into actionable, real-time insights

Barrier-free data exploration

Gemini Enterprise Exploration UI

Gemini allows you to skip data platform certifications with unified data analysis. Your team can do more with less by querying across all data sets with a single query.

  • Unified data enables standard SQL queries across all data sources including data platforms like Splunk and Elastic
  • Knowledge graph connects data relationships at scale in an intuitive format
  • Visualize analysis within Gemini Enterprise or connect the unified data layer to your BI tool of choice
Supported Technologies

Data infrastructure management

Gemini Enterprise System Overview UI

Expanding data volume increases management complexity. Automating data infrastructure provides speed, efficiency, and cost reduction for data analysis. Reduce deployment time and automate time consuming platform management so you can quickly leverage petabytes of data at scale.

  • Easily deploy and manage Splunk, Elastic and native data sources
  • Single Microservices architecture for all data or platforms with kernel level separation
  • Expand clusters without complexity
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