Gemini Cloud

Dedicated Cloud Optimized for Machine Data

Our cloud offering simplifies your journey by providing a robust, high-performance data-as-a-service without sacrificing security or flexibility. We optimize Splunk, Elastic, and Cloudera by incorporating best-practices gathered by our industry experts in large scale deployments. Extend easily to your on-prem or cloud resource with the ideal hybrid environment.

Experience Gemini's Cloud Solution:

Reduce Cost

Application specific templates provide simple fixed billing to compute, store, and transfer data with no additional charge during increased usage.

Grow and Scale

Automatically grow and scale your environment by allocating resources efficiently to support compute-intensive, IO intensive, and retention focused applications.

Integrated Gemini Care

Expert knowledge integrated with the Gemini Cloud for 24/7 data platform assistance and operations management.

Security, Flexibility, and Scalability

Gemini Cloud can grow and scale along with your data journey. We can support different workloads for compute intensive, IO intensive or retention-focused applications. Gemini Care, included with Gemini Cloud, provides monthly security reports and vulnerability updates to keep you informed and reassured.

  • Extensive security monitoring for intrusion alerts and botnet prevention, including end-point firewall security

  • Powerful deployment, management and optimization features without the infrastructure investment

  • Easily extend to your on-premises and public cloud resources without skipping a beat

  • Secure low-latency private networking, as well as public networking options, to eliminate performance problems

  • Extreme reliability with data center uptime at 99.9999%

  • SOC2, SSAE16, FISMA, PCI DSS certified data center for optimal security

Gemini Enterprise on Demand

Gemini Cloud brings further simplicity to the Gemini Enterprise platform. All the same great deployment, management and optimization features while controlling infrastructure costs. Full OS-level access and a bring-your-own-license model make this a compelling and cost-effective solution.

  • Simple annual pricing based on application type scale with no separate charges for compute, storage, data transfer or surprise charges for usage spikes

  • Control your Splunk environment including advanced configuration, CLI access, as well as OS-level functions like backup and diagnostics

  • Use industry-standard technology components like VMware, and make it easy to work with other cloud or on-premises technology

  • Application specific templates that can be further customized

Gemini Care

Gemini Cloud comes with Gemini Care services which includes 24/7 monitoring of infrastructure and applications, incident response and remediation, and easy, on-demand access to experts for a variety of operational tasks. This eliminates the need for cloud-ops or linux experts, freeing employees to focus on the bigger picture.

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