Autonomous Data Hub for Cloud

Focus on analysis and insights, not platform management

Gemini Enterprise delivers data analysis across multiple data platforms and supports multi-cloud or on-premises deployment options. By connecting data across enterprise silos, Gemini enables DataOps teams to provide valuable insights for business stakeholders.

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Analytics as a Service

Let us deliver valuable data insights across silos to help you find business answers. Democratize data analysis expertise without learning complex query languages or finding the needle on your own. Gain intelligence, not complexity with our expertise.

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Autonomous Data Infrastructure

Focus on the answers, not big data platform management or infrastructure. Gemini can process machine data at scale and leverage your existing investments across Splunk, Elastic or Cloudera. Gemini has you covered with intelligent NoOps management.

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Multi-Cloud and Hybrid

Gain cross-platform support globally across secure public and private cloud environments. Gemini understands that all cloud deployments are not created equal and provides Gemini Cloud Connect Appliance for true hybrid deployments.

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Easily connect data silos for unified data analysis. Move from reactive monitoring to proactive analysis exposing and tracking hidden data relationships. Determine root causes in record time without redundant steps. And, with no vendor lock in or data movement, you have options to configure the right data architecture for your needs.

  • Get Past the Geek Speak

  • Establish clear communication between analysts and line of business owners.

  • Simplified analytics and actionable insights.

  • Connected Data Enables Context.

  • Eliminate big data search and pivot steps from the analysis process.


Automating data infrastructure, regardless of what platform you use, provides speed, efficiency, and cost reduction for your data analysis. Reduce deployment time to just a few hours and automate time-consuming, ongoing platform management so you can quickly leverage petabytes of data without taking your system down. Gemini’s intuitive interface provides simple cluster life cycle management with wizards to spin up, scale, terminate and even clone clusters as needed with administration for cluster-level management and monitoring.

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  • Environment level management with single click deployment

  • Organize nodes and clusters based on application specific rules

  • Provides fault-tolerance beyond application level redundancy and resiliency

  • Launch across on-premises, cloud, or turnkey appliances provides elasticity

  • Network level clustering and failover

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Gemini scales out with your data journey, meeting the demand as compute requirements increase. Designed to support heavy workloads, resources can be easily allocated to support different compute-intensive, IO-intensive or retention-focused applications. Site-to-site VPN connections ensure secure remote access. Extensive security monitoring provides intrusion alerts, botnet prevention and end-point firewall security, while monthly security reports and vulnerability updates.

  • Leverage a variety of storage options, from Scale-Up NAS to S3 buckets.

  • Deploy cluster-wide targeted deployments of new versions from centralized software repository servers.

  • Provides fault-tolerance beyond application level redundancy and resiliency.

  • Leverage a variety of storage options, from Scale-Up NAS to S3 buckets.

  • Network Level Clustering and Failover.

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